Melon Cocktails & Recipes image

Melon Cocktails & Recipes

Sip your way into summer with these refreshing melon cocktails and recipes.

Sip your way into summer with these refreshing melon cocktails and recipes.


Absolut Melon Mojito image

Absolut Melon Mojito

Alien Shooter image

Alien Shooter

Alien Nipple image

Alien Nipple

Alien Secretion image

Alien Secretion

420 Liquid Marijuana Jungle Juice image

420 Liquid Marijuana Jungle Juice

420 Liquid Marijuana Jello Shots image

420 Liquid Marijuana Jello Shots

Alien Urine Sample image

Alien Urine Sample

Honeydew Martini image

Honeydew Martini

Irish Fish Bowl image

Irish Fish Bowl

Japanese Slipper image

Japanese Slipper

Ireland Iced Tea image

Ireland Iced Tea

Jade Martini image

Jade Martini

Jade Crystal Cocktail image

Jade Crystal Cocktail

Irish Cream image

Irish Cream

Jamaica Freeze image

Jamaica Freeze

Kiwi Melon Punch image

Kiwi Melon Punch

June Bug image

June Bug

Kermit’s Revenge image

Kermit’s Revenge

Liquid Marijuana Cocktail image

Liquid Marijuana Cocktail

Lifesaver Punch image

Lifesaver Punch

Lucky Leprechaun image

Lucky Leprechaun

Liquid Marijuana Shot image

Liquid Marijuana Shot

Melon Ball Shot image

Melon Ball Shot

Melon Cosmo image

Melon Cosmo

Melon Mimosa image

Melon Mimosa

Melon Stand Cocktail image

Melon Stand Cocktail

Melon Ballsfest image

Melon Ballsfest

Melon Bomb image

Melon Bomb

Melon Kamikaze Shots image

Melon Kamikaze Shots

Melon Head image

Melon Head

Melon Mai Tai image

Melon Mai Tai

Marijuana Jungle Juice Bowl image

Marijuana Jungle Juice Bowl

Marijuana Milkshake Shot image

Marijuana Milkshake Shot

Malibu Princess image

Malibu Princess

Melon Whiskey Sour Shots image

Melon Whiskey Sour Shots

Melon Zombie image

Melon Zombie

Melon Sunrise image

Melon Sunrise

Mermaid Punch image

Mermaid Punch

Midori Illusion image

Midori Illusion

Midori Piña Colada image

Midori Piña Colada

Midori Sour image

Midori Sour

Midori Berry Bliss image

Midori Berry Bliss

Midori Sour Jello Shot image

Midori Sour Jello Shot

Midori Sour Slush image

Midori Sour Slush

Mermaid Mimosa image

Mermaid Mimosa

Neon Tea image

Neon Tea

Mountain Dew Me image

Mountain Dew Me

Neon Nightmare image

Neon Nightmare

Mojito Kabobs image

Mojito Kabobs

Mystery Machine image

Mystery Machine

Mosquito Bite image

Mosquito Bite

Mountain Dew Drop image

Mountain Dew Drop

Mutant Slime image

Mutant Slime

Nuclear Reactor Shot image

Nuclear Reactor Shot

Ninja Turtle Shots image

Ninja Turtle Shots

Nuclear Dawn image

Nuclear Dawn

Frozen Midori Sour image

Frozen Midori Sour

Alien Sex image

Alien Sex

Cinco de Mayo Mexican Flag image

Cinco de Mayo Mexican Flag

Midori Frosty Fruit image

Midori Frosty Fruit

Marijuana Leaf Shaped Jello Shots image

Marijuana Leaf Shaped Jello Shots

Juice Pouch Cocktails image

Juice Pouch Cocktails

Midori Splice image

Midori Splice

Midori Sour Shot image

Midori Sour Shot

Namaste image


The Melon Ball image

The Melon Ball

Tokyo Iced Tea Shot image

Tokyo Iced Tea Shot

Alligator Sperm image

Alligator Sperm

Alligator Tail Shots image

Alligator Tail Shots

Alligator Piss Shot image

Alligator Piss Shot

Angry Pirate image

Angry Pirate

Baby Yoda image

Baby Yoda

Biohazard image


BMW Shots image

BMW Shots

Bong Water Shot image

Bong Water Shot

Cucumber Melon Sangria image

Cucumber Melon Sangria

Cucumber Melon Cooler image

Cucumber Melon Cooler

Crocodile Cooler image

Crocodile Cooler

Dazed & Confused Cocktail image

Dazed & Confused Cocktail

DIY Melon Liqueur image

DIY Melon Liqueur

Deep Blue Sea image

Deep Blue Sea

Electric Mayhem image

Electric Mayhem

Emerald Shooter image

Emerald Shooter

Emerald Daiquiri image

Emerald Daiquiri

Fallen Froggy Shot image

Fallen Froggy Shot

Fandori image


Fallen Froggy Jello Shots image

Fallen Froggy Jello Shots

Ectoplasm Shooter image

Ectoplasm Shooter

Devil’s Brew image

Devil’s Brew

Frozen Melon Margarita image

Frozen Melon Margarita

Fruit Spiked Like a Motherfucker image

Fruit Spiked Like a Motherfucker

Frozen Swamp Water image

Frozen Swamp Water

Fruit Salad image

Fruit Salad

Fortnite Slurp Juice image

Fortnite Slurp Juice

Frozen Mountain Dew Me image

Frozen Mountain Dew Me

Gin & Melon Slush image

Gin & Melon Slush

Ghostbusters Shots image

Ghostbusters Shots

Green Eyes Cocktail image

Green Eyes Cocktail

Green Fairy #2 image

Green Fairy #2

Glowing Aurora image

Glowing Aurora

Green Dinosaur image

Green Dinosaur

Gobstopper image


Game Day Superbowl Jungle Juice image

Game Day Superbowl Jungle Juice

Ghostbuster Jello Shots image

Ghostbuster Jello Shots

Green Gummy Bear Shots image

Green Gummy Bear Shots

Happy Green Hedgehog image

Happy Green Hedgehog

Hocus Pocus image

Hocus Pocus

Honeydew Ginger Martini image

Honeydew Ginger Martini

Green Giant image

Green Giant

Gushers image


Hammered Hulk image

Hammered Hulk

Green Juice image

Green Juice

Honeydew Jalapeno Frozen Margarita image

Honeydew Jalapeno Frozen Margarita

Juicy Fruit image

Juicy Fruit

Juicy Screw image

Juicy Screw

LA Water image

LA Water

Loch Ness Monster Shots image

Loch Ness Monster Shots

Lick My P*ssy Shot image

Lick My P*ssy Shot

Mountain Dew Bomb Shot image

Mountain Dew Bomb Shot

Nerds Martini image

Nerds Martini

Night Night Daddy Shots image

Night Night Daddy Shots

Nerd Bomb image

Nerd Bomb

Q Candy Dream image

Q Candy Dream

Riddler’s Revenge image

Riddler’s Revenge

Poison (Veneno) image

Poison (Veneno)

Sex on the Grass image

Sex on the Grass

Shrek Piss image

Shrek Piss

Sex In The Jungle image

Sex In The Jungle

Scooby Snack Cocktail image

Scooby Snack Cocktail

Sex with an Alligator image

Sex with an Alligator

Scooby Snack Jello Shot image

Scooby Snack Jello Shot

Scooby Snack Shots image

Scooby Snack Shots

Scooby Snack Bomb Shot image

Scooby Snack Bomb Shot

Shaggy Shot image

Shaggy Shot

Smokey Green Halloween image

Smokey Green Halloween

Snake In The Grass image

Snake In The Grass

St Patrick’s Jungle Juice image

St Patrick’s Jungle Juice

Squashed Frog image

Squashed Frog

Sugar Marijuana Goblet image

Sugar Marijuana Goblet

Swamp Water image

Swamp Water

Superman’s Kryptonite Cocktail image

Superman’s Kryptonite Cocktail

Swamp Water Punch image

Swamp Water Punch

The Flaming Melon image

The Flaming Melon

The Grinch Cocktail image

The Grinch Cocktail

The Grinch Shot image

The Grinch Shot

The Emerald Nightmare image

The Emerald Nightmare

The Funfair image

The Funfair

The Gold Lagoon image

The Gold Lagoon

The Malibu Mistress image

The Malibu Mistress

The Jungle Book image

The Jungle Book

The Tasty Lemon image

The Tasty Lemon

Tokyo Drift image

Tokyo Drift

Toxic Avenger Cocktail image

Toxic Avenger Cocktail

Toxic Waste image

Toxic Waste

Toxic Wasted image

Toxic Wasted

Tie Me to the Bedpost image

Tie Me to the Bedpost

Tokyo Iced Tea image

Tokyo Iced Tea

Turquoise Thunderbird image

Turquoise Thunderbird

Toxic Shot image

Toxic Shot

Vodka Melon Sangria image

Vodka Melon Sangria

Witches Brew image

Witches Brew

Wolf Bite Shooter image

Wolf Bite Shooter

Wet Frog image

Wet Frog

Honeydew Margarita image

Honeydew Margarita

Drunken Mother’s Day Bouquet image

Drunken Mother’s Day Bouquet

Lawnmower Cocktail image

Lawnmower Cocktail

Rainbow Sangria Pitcher image

Rainbow Sangria Pitcher

Cantaloupe Mojito image

Cantaloupe Mojito

Blue Scooby Snack image

Blue Scooby Snack

Pink Scooby Snack image

Pink Scooby Snack

Frozen Scooby Snack image

Frozen Scooby Snack

Zombie Scooby Snack image

Zombie Scooby Snack

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