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Drinks by Occasion

Ready to get the party started? Tipsy Bartender has easy cocktail recipes for every occasion, from holiday celebrations to casual brunches and everything in between!

Ready to get the party started? Tipsy Bartender has easy cocktail recipes for every occasion, from holiday celebrations to casual brunches and everything in between!

Oh yeah, it's that time of year again. What time of year? Well it doesn't matter because we gotchu, fam. Whether you're poppin holiday bottles with the fam bam or hooking up shots for your homegirl's bachelorette party, Tipsy Bartender has done the work and organized easy drink recipes for your next occasion.   

There's no way y'all could plan for every occasion.

Well, homeboy, you're right. But we get pretty darn close because every occasion is a good excuse to party. We have your alcoholic drink recipes covered from seasonal summer cocktails to specific events like our Super Bowl drinks. We even have some… interesting cocktail recipes for you and your friends to make as April Fools drinks. But if the party is just getting started for Spring Break or Mardi Gras, check out some of our easy Spring Break drinks and Mardi Gras cocktail recipes. Oktoberfest is also a great fall occasion and excuse to get friends together for some Oktoberfest beer and drinks. And yes, we love you so much that we even prepare for your Labor Day BBQ.  

Sick, bro. What about things that aren't holidays like date night and weekend house parties?

Oh for sure, my friend! The core of partying is just vibin' with your homies, right? That's enough occasion in itself. Tipsy Bartender has all your favorite party drinks and probably some party drink recipes that you haven't thought to serve like our Adios Jungle Juice. And if you're celebrating a special someone, we have some solid date night drinks and cocktail recipes too. We're even down with some casual brunchin'. So squad up and make some brunch cocktails like our classic mimosa recipe or experiment with its many variations. Birthdays are absolutely an occasion to celebrate, so sip on birthday cocktails and drinks before opening gifts. And you either have that baddie getting locked down or are her, so why not get lit with some bachelorette party drinks?  

That's pretty wild. So if you're down to clown with smaller events and holiday drinks, y'all must have the best cocktail recipes for larger occasions too, right?

Of course! The biggest holidays tend to be New Years Eve, Valentine's Day, St Patrick's Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. New Years cocktails tend to be bubbly and full of champagne drinks or even glitter! Our New Year's Purple Shimmering Champagne recipe is the best of both worlds. But if you're feeling the romance and some Valentine's Day cocktails, we'll help you and your sweetheart set the mood. Check out our Valentine's Day drinks like our Love Potion cocktails. When it comes to St Patrick's Day drinks, we're not messing around. Green alcohol is the name of the game, so whether you're sipping on some of our green punch or wanna know how to make green beer, we gotchu, fam. We also have you set for your next big Halloween party. Halloween cocktails should be spooky and delicious, so peep our easy Halloween drinks like our Halloween Jungle Juice and Eyeball Jello Shots. Some great Thanksgiving cocktails can defuse any family argument, especially our boozy Thanksgiving punch recipe. But if you're getting schwifty for a Friendsgiving, feel free to whip up a batch of our devilishly delicious Devil's Jungle Juice. Christmas parties have become more of an American tradition than religious, and we love some holiday spirits. Leave Santa a Christmas cocktail like the Grinch Cocktail because he sure needs it.
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