Summer Cocktails image

Summer Cocktails

Summer is heating up, and so are Tipsy Bartender's citrusy and refreshing summer cocktails - including the classic Paloma with a twist!

Summer is heating up, and so are Tipsy Bartender's citrusy and refreshing summer cocktails - including the classic Paloma with a twist!


Poolside Punch image

Poolside Punch

The Summer Essence image

The Summer Essence

Margarita Pitcher image

Margarita Pitcher

Tequila Sunrise image

Tequila Sunrise

Kool Aid Vodka Slush image

Kool Aid Vodka Slush

Adios Motherfucker image

Adios Motherfucker

Salty Chihuahua image

Salty Chihuahua

The $40 Jungle Juice image

The $40 Jungle Juice

Summer Beer image

Summer Beer

Summer Sangria image

Summer Sangria

El Ayudacal image

El Ayudacal

Summer Berry Fishbowl image

Summer Berry Fishbowl

Prickly Pear Margarita image

Prickly Pear Margarita

Summer Dreaming Margarita image

Summer Dreaming Margarita

Pool Party Punch image

Pool Party Punch

Paloma image


Summer Berry Sangria image

Summer Berry Sangria

Classic Piña Colada image

Classic Piña Colada

Sparkling Summer Sangria image

Sparkling Summer Sangria

Beachy Peachy Sangria image

Beachy Peachy Sangria

Tokyo Iced Tea image

Tokyo Iced Tea

Melon Mimosa image

Melon Mimosa

Summer Berry Lemonade image

Summer Berry Lemonade

Sparkling Bee’s Knees image

Sparkling Bee’s Knees

Kiwi Caipirinha image

Kiwi Caipirinha

Summer Strawberry Ice Cream Party image

Summer Strawberry Ice Cream Party

Classic Margarita image

Classic Margarita

Red Wine Lemonade image

Red Wine Lemonade

Summer Vanilla Ice Cream Party image

Summer Vanilla Ice Cream Party

Summer Chocolate Ice Cream Party image

Summer Chocolate Ice Cream Party

Frozen Coconut Pineapple Margarita image

Frozen Coconut Pineapple Margarita

Mango Strawberry Sangria Bowl image

Mango Strawberry Sangria Bowl

Mango Strawberry Sangria image

Mango Strawberry Sangria

Maui Waters image

Maui Waters

Lemon Snazzle Berry image

Lemon Snazzle Berry

Margarita Snow Cones image

Margarita Snow Cones

Melon Zombie image

Melon Zombie

Nature’s Finest image

Nature’s Finest

Paradise Cocktail image

Paradise Cocktail

Passion Fruit & Pineapple Sangria image

Passion Fruit & Pineapple Sangria

Morning In Paradise image

Morning In Paradise

Mixed Berry Daiquiri image

Mixed Berry Daiquiri

Raspberry Lemonade Sangria image

Raspberry Lemonade Sangria

Raspberry Pink Champagne Float image

Raspberry Pink Champagne Float

Strawberry Citrus Champagne image

Strawberry Citrus Champagne

Strawberry Grapefruit Mimosa image

Strawberry Grapefruit Mimosa

Strawberry Mojito Pitcher image

Strawberry Mojito Pitcher

Strawberry Hennessy Island image

Strawberry Hennessy Island

Rainbow in Paradise image

Rainbow in Paradise

Rum & Coke Slush image

Rum & Coke Slush

The Naughty Strawberry image

The Naughty Strawberry

The Caribbean Storm image

The Caribbean Storm

Tiffany Punch image

Tiffany Punch

Watermelon Mojito image

Watermelon Mojito

White Wine Vodka Sangria image

White Wine Vodka Sangria

Woo Woo Shot image

Woo Woo Shot

Hpnotiq Margarita image

Hpnotiq Margarita

Jalapeño Salty Dog image

Jalapeño Salty Dog

Jalapeño Margarita image

Jalapeño Margarita

Harvey Wallbanger image

Harvey Wallbanger

Electric Kiwi Margarita image

Electric Kiwi Margarita

Jalapeño Cucumber Margarita image

Jalapeño Cucumber Margarita

Bellini Cocktail image

Bellini Cocktail

Lime Drop Shots image

Lime Drop Shots

Lime In The Coconut image

Lime In The Coconut

Margarita Float image

Margarita Float

Pom-A-Rita image


Mimosa Sangria image

Mimosa Sangria

Raspberry Beergarita image

Raspberry Beergarita

Raspberry Margarita image

Raspberry Margarita

Pink Cadillac Margarita image

Pink Cadillac Margarita

Raspberry Lime Margarita image

Raspberry Lime Margarita

Lime Sherbet Margarita image

Lime Sherbet Margarita

Frozen Mimosa image

Frozen Mimosa

Island Mimosa image

Island Mimosa

Cuba Libre image

Cuba Libre

Poolside image


Frozen Adios Motherfucker image

Frozen Adios Motherfucker

Adios Pink Lemonade image

Adios Pink Lemonade

Get ready for summertime drinkin' with Tipsy Bartender's sexy and delicious summer cocktails! Whether you're a heavyweight or prefer light alcoholic drinks, we have stacks on stacks of refreshing cocktail recipes for your hot girl summer. So no matter what boozy business you're getting up to, pick a drink and let's party!
Let's get this summer drink fest started!!! Got any light alcoholic drinks?
Hell yeah, homeboy! Let's start off with some Pool Party Punch. This vodka summer cocktail is a ton of fun in a fishbowl. It's a light and refreshing drink that combines vodka, lemonade, blue curacao, lemon wheels, and orange wedges. It's honestly one of the best poolside sippers ever made! But if you like your summer cocktails with a little extra punch, just adjust the amount of vodka. Another great thing about this tropical fish bowl mixed drink is that it's also big enough for you to share with your friends. But only if you want to. For another light alcoholic drink recipe, take a peek at our Summer Beer recipe. This refreshing cocktail recipe mixes up beer, vodka, frozen lemonade, and lime slices. It's the perfect summer cocktail recipe for an outdoor BBQ party and is definitely a must-try drink if you're doing a little beach drinking this summer.
Give us some citrusy summer cocktail goodness!
Say no more! If you're looking for a citrus summer cocktail recipe to knock you on your ass, party with a Paloma or a few. It's one of the easiest tequila cocktails you'll ever make and also happens to be the official drink of Mexico. According to Wikipedia, "This drink is most commonly prepared by mixing tequila with a grapefruit-flavored soda such as Fresca, Squirt, or Jarritos and served on the rocks with a lime wedge." Gotta give credit where credit is due! But beware of using real grapefruit juice. That bad boy tends to react with a few medications, including birth control!
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