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Drinks by Preparation Style

Spiked ice cream, cocktail popsicles, and Guinness brownies - explore the world of boozy food recipes with Tipsy Bartender!

Spiked ice cream, cocktail popsicles, and Guinness brownies - explore the world of boozy food recipes with Tipsy Bartender!

Can't decide on how you wanna use your booze? Well have no fear because Tipsy Bartender is here and we sorted our recipes by prep style! Making the decision has never been easier than browsing through shot recipes, boozy foods, jungle juices, frozen drinks, hot cocktails, and more. Maybe you do decide you wanna drink your alcohol in cocktail form or perhaps you wanna try out an infused vodka recipe. We're well equipped with party recipes for our party animals. Just peep our jello shot recipes and fishbowl drinks.

I'm sorry, did you say boozy food recipes??

We certainly did! When it comes to prepping alcoholic treats, Tipsy Bartender has no shortage of boozy food recipes. Obviously jello shots are edible, but we mean more like spiked ice cream, moscato floats, cocktail popsicles, Guinness brownies, and spiked gummy bears like rummy bears. These delicious and boozy bad boys are perfect for parties or impressing your friends and family. I mean, who wouldn't be impressed by an alcoholic dessert?

So I'm throwing a huge party. What prep style is the best for a large crowd?

That depends on your crowd and how much time you have to prepare. Shot recipes are small, easy cocktails that you can pour a bunch of and hand out to keep your guests happy. Lemon Drop Shots or Kamikaze Shots are popular because they're both quick to make and dang good vodka shots. But if you have at least a couple hours to let them solidify, jello shot recipes are always tons of fun for the party crowd. Our alcoholic punch recipes are also perfect for large parties. Depending on how big your party is, you could do prep styles like fishbowl drinks or a batch or a few of your favorite jungle juice recipes.

Okay, but do you have anything that's kinda unique in comparison to the regular ol' cocktail?

Of course, homeboy! You can get your frozen freak on with frozen drinks like frozen margaritas or turn up the heat with hot cocktails. Bulldog margaritas are also a pretty neat prep style. Who wouldn't want a whole beer bottle to top off their beergarita? And if those aren't crazy enough, bomb shot recipes are pretty wild if you think about it. Jager Bombs are the OG bomb shot bad boys, so go forth and drop those bombs!
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