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DIY Flavored Vodkas & Infusions

Step right up and learn how to create your very own DIY flavored vodkas and infusions with Tipsy Bartender!

Step right up and learn how to create your very own DIY flavored vodkas and infusions with Tipsy Bartender!

Hey, homeboy! You ever wonder how to infuse vodka or other spirits to get delicious infused alcohol for your cocktails? Well wonder no more! Because you can do it yourself with Tipsy Bartender's DIY flavored vodka and other infused recipes. Yeah, that's right. We're going to show you how to pimp out your liquor cabinet and make fresh and funky do it yourself infused vodka. So grab a couple jars, your liquor of choice, and let's get ready to do some science!

What can you even infuse liquor with?

Great question, homeboy! The sky's the limit when it comes to infused alcohol. Vodka tends to be a great base though because it's a pretty clean slate as far as liquor goes. For the best easy infused vodka recipes, you'll probably want to go for candy infusions. They're the easiest flavored vodkas to make because they dissolve pretty well. You can also get different flavors like with our Jolly Rancher Vodka recipe. Just sort the hard candies by color and drop each flavor into a jar or bottle of vodka to infuse! Easy, right?

Okay, I think I understand.

Excellent! It's not that difficult, is it? Once you get the hang of how to infuse vodka with candies and other fun business, you can make flavored vodkas like Strawberry Vodka or even DIY liqueurs! Our DIY Melon Liqueur recipe is perfect for when you wanna get your freaky fruit on. And if you wanna get really freaky, try making a bloody mary with some DIY Bacon Vodka. But if that's a little too intimidating for you, you can always whip up some vanilla flavored vodka to use in your dessert cocktails. And who isn't a fan of our famous candy cocktails? You can whip up some caramel vodka or bubblegum infused vodka and tell your friends and family how you made your delicious cocktails from scratch! How cool is that, homeboy? Super cool because you're here at Tipsy Bartender where we dream big and shake up even bigger cocktail recipes.
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