Recipes by Type

What’s up, homeboys! Ever wonder what types of cocktails there are out there? Or maybe you’re just looking to shake up your favorite one. Well Tipsy Bartender did the work for you by sorting our recipes by type! You can now find easy margarita recipes at the touch of your fingertips. Or how about some fun and funky martini recipes? We know what you like, baby. So cruise through Moscow mules and mojito recipes. Because we’re packing classic cocktails, jungle juices, party punches, and more.

Help! I just got my drinking permit and don’t know what types of cocktails there are! What are some classic cocktail recipes?

Calm down, everybody! There are no cocktail emergencies here. We already named a few types of cocktails with margaritas, martinis, Moscow mules, and mojitos. But not all classic cocktails start with the letter M. We all love a good Tequila Sunrise recipe or Long Island drink like an Adios MF. And for our fancy folk, you could whip up a Negroni or a couple whiskey sours. The world is your oyster, homeboy. We’re just here to be your cocktail guide.

Awesome! I think I’m digging these, but are there different versions of types of cocktails?

That’s what we’re saying, baby! We’re all about innovation and creativity at Tipsy Bartender, so of course we have cocktail variations. One of our most popular types of cocktails is the AMF drink, which is a party spin on the Long Island recipe. It’s a fearsome liquor foursome of gin, vodka, tequila, and rum. Add a splash of blue curacao, sweet & sour, and lemon-lime soda for a strong cocktail you’ll never remember. But if that bad boy is a little too intimidating for you, check out our Mexican Sunrise recipe. It’s a type of tequila sunrise that combines the OG ingredients of tequila, OJ, and grenadine with a bottle of Corona or your favorite Mexican beer.