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From classic to candy flavored, our diverse mix of easy martini recipes will have you sipping with joy at any occasion!

From classic to candy flavored, our diverse mix of easy martini recipes will have you sipping with joy at any occasion!


Classic Gin Martini image

Classic Gin Martini

Vodka Martini image

Vodka Martini

4th of July Pop Rocks Martini image

4th of July Pop Rocks Martini

Banana Split Martini image

Banana Split Martini

Aqua Martini image

Aqua Martini

Bananas Foster Martini image

Bananas Foster Martini

Dirty Gin Martini image

Dirty Gin Martini

Angel Island Martini image

Angel Island Martini

Bellini Martini image

Bellini Martini

Adult Candy Bar image

Adult Candy Bar

Agent Orange image

Agent Orange

Alexander image


Alligator Fuck image

Alligator Fuck

Almond Joy image

Almond Joy

Aqua Island image

Aqua Island

Bacardi Cocktail image

Bacardi Cocktail

Banana Mango Tango image

Banana Mango Tango

Black Forest Martini image

Black Forest Martini

Blue Raspberry Martini image

Blue Raspberry Martini

Blueberry Drop Martini image

Blueberry Drop Martini

Blueberry Martini image

Blueberry Martini

Boston Cream Pie Martini image

Boston Cream Pie Martini

Breakfast Martini image

Breakfast Martini

Butterfinger Martini image

Butterfinger Martini

Bubblegum Martini image

Bubblegum Martini

Birthday Cake Martini #2 image

Birthday Cake Martini #2

Birthday Cake Martini #1 image

Birthday Cake Martini #1

Blue Cosmo image

Blue Cosmo

Blood Orange Cosmo image

Blood Orange Cosmo

Blue Polka Dot Bikini image

Blue Polka Dot Bikini

Blue Russian image

Blue Russian

Burning Mandarin image

Burning Mandarin

Caribbean Martini image

Caribbean Martini

Cherry Martini image

Cherry Martini

Chiharu…The Martini of a Thousand Springs image

Chiharu…The Martini of a Thousand Springs

Chocolate Chip Cookie Martini image

Chocolate Chip Cookie Martini

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Martini image

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Martini

Chocolate Covered Cherry Martini image

Chocolate Covered Cherry Martini

Cake Batter Martini image

Cake Batter Martini

Churchill Martini image

Churchill Martini

Citrus Martini image

Citrus Martini

Caramel Apple Martini image

Caramel Apple Martini

Caramel Martini image

Caramel Martini

Chocolate Blitzen image

Chocolate Blitzen

Chocolate Cupcake Cocktail image

Chocolate Cupcake Cocktail

Clementine Martini image

Clementine Martini

Coconut Cream Martini image

Coconut Cream Martini

Coconut Guava Martini image

Coconut Guava Martini

Coconut Strawberry Martini image

Coconut Strawberry Martini

Cucumber Mint Martini image

Cucumber Mint Martini

Cotton Candy Martini image

Cotton Candy Martini

Coco Martini image

Coco Martini

Cookies & Creamtini image

Cookies & Creamtini

Cosmocello image


Cosmopolitan image


Cucumber Watermelon Mexican Candy image

Cucumber Watermelon Mexican Candy

Cookies n’ Creamtini image

Cookies n’ Creamtini

Double Chocolate S’mores Martini image

Double Chocolate S’mores Martini

Espresso Martini image

Espresso Martini

French Martini image

French Martini

French Toast Martini image

French Toast Martini

German Chocolate Cake Martini image

German Chocolate Cake Martini

Gingerbread Martini image

Gingerbread Martini

Godiva Chocolate Martini image

Godiva Chocolate Martini

Gourmet Jolly Rancher Green Apple Martini image

Gourmet Jolly Rancher Green Apple Martini

English Rose image

English Rose

Fizzy Lemon Drop image

Fizzy Lemon Drop

Gimlet image


Golden Dream image

Golden Dream

Hershey Nugget Martini image

Hershey Nugget Martini

Grapefruit Jalapeño Martini image

Grapefruit Jalapeño Martini

Green Apple Martini image

Green Apple Martini

Gummy Bear Martini image

Gummy Bear Martini

Honeydew Ginger Martini image

Honeydew Ginger Martini

Honeydew Martini image

Honeydew Martini

Hot Chocolate Martini image

Hot Chocolate Martini

Ice Cream Martini image

Ice Cream Martini

Irish Espresso Martini image

Irish Espresso Martini

Irish Cream Chocolate Martini image

Irish Cream Chocolate Martini

Italian Eggnog Martini image

Italian Eggnog Martini

Hugs & Kisses Martini image

Hugs & Kisses Martini

Jade Martini image

Jade Martini

Key Lime Pie Martini image

Key Lime Pie Martini

Lemon Cupcake Martini image

Lemon Cupcake Martini

Lime Drop Martini image

Lime Drop Martini

Lemon Meringue Martini image

Lemon Meringue Martini

Lemon Drop Jello Shot Martini image

Lemon Drop Jello Shot Martini

Lemon Latte Martini image

Lemon Latte Martini

Japanese Slipper image

Japanese Slipper

Jolly Rancher Lemon Drop image

Jolly Rancher Lemon Drop

Kangaroo Cocktail image

Kangaroo Cocktail

Key Lime-Tini image

Key Lime-Tini

Love Potion #9 image

Love Potion #9

King Cake Cocktail image

King Cake Cocktail

L.A. Cosmo image

L.A. Cosmo

Lychee Grapefruit Martini image

Lychee Grapefruit Martini

Lychee Martini image

Lychee Martini

Mango Martini image

Mango Martini

Milky Way Martini image

Milky Way Martini

Mint Chocolate Chip Cookie Martini image

Mint Chocolate Chip Cookie Martini

Mint Chocolate Martini image

Mint Chocolate Martini

Naked Martini image

Naked Martini

Mint Choc Chiptini image

Mint Choc Chiptini

Mudslidetini image


Meistertini image


Mississippi Mud-Tini image

Mississippi Mud-Tini

Nerds Martini image

Nerds Martini

Nutella Martini image

Nutella Martini

Oreo Cookie Martini image

Oreo Cookie Martini

Peach Cobbler Martini image

Peach Cobbler Martini

Passion Fruit Martini image

Passion Fruit Martini

Peaches & Cream Martini image

Peaches & Cream Martini

Peanut Butter Cup Martini image

Peanut Butter Cup Martini

Pickle Martini image

Pickle Martini

Pink Bikini Martini image

Pink Bikini Martini

Orange Creamsicle Martini image

Orange Creamsicle Martini

Pink Starburst Martini image

Pink Starburst Martini

Piña Colada Martini image

Piña Colada Martini

Piña Colada-Tini image

Piña Colada-Tini

Orange Creamsicletini image

Orange Creamsicletini

Q Candy Peppermint Bark Martini image

Q Candy Peppermint Bark Martini

Rainbow Sherbet Martini image

Rainbow Sherbet Martini

Raspberry Cheesecake Martini image

Raspberry Cheesecake Martini

Raspberry Lemon Drop Martini image

Raspberry Lemon Drop Martini

Salted Caramel Apple Martini image

Salted Caramel Apple Martini

Red Velvet Cake Martini image

Red Velvet Cake Martini

RumChata Salted Caramel Martini image

RumChata Salted Caramel Martini

Pumpkin Spice Martini image

Pumpkin Spice Martini

Pomegranate Martini image

Pomegranate Martini

Rock Candy Martini image

Rock Candy Martini

Pollyanna image


Pomegranate Lime Slushtini image

Pomegranate Lime Slushtini

Raspberry Kiss Cocktail image

Raspberry Kiss Cocktail

Saketini image


Ramos Gin Fizz image

Ramos Gin Fizz

Red Berry Cheesecake image

Red Berry Cheesecake

Smoked Pineapple Martini image

Smoked Pineapple Martini

Strawberry Kiwi Martini image

Strawberry Kiwi Martini

Strawberry Martini image

Strawberry Martini

Strawberry Shortcake Martini image

Strawberry Shortcake Martini

Strawberry Lemon Drop Martini image

Strawberry Lemon Drop Martini

Sugar Cookie Martini image

Sugar Cookie Martini

Starburst Martini image

Starburst Martini

Skittles Martini image

Skittles Martini

Strawberry Kiss image

Strawberry Kiss

Sex In The City image

Sex In The City

Sex on the Horizon image

Sex on the Horizon

Sweet Heat Martini image

Sweet Heat Martini

Sweet Kiss Martini image

Sweet Kiss Martini

Sweet & Sour Watermelon Martini image

Sweet & Sour Watermelon Martini

Sweet Tart Martini image

Sweet Tart Martini

Sweetheart Martini image

Sweetheart Martini

The Brazilian Cocktail image

The Brazilian Cocktail

The Aviation image

The Aviation

The Blood of the Prince image

The Blood of the Prince

The Gibson image

The Gibson

The Melon Ball image

The Melon Ball

The Millionaire Cocktail image

The Millionaire Cocktail

The Clover Club Cocktail image

The Clover Club Cocktail

The Flamingo image

The Flamingo

The Monkey Gland image

The Monkey Gland

The Chocoholic image

The Chocoholic

The Emerald Nightmare image

The Emerald Nightmare

Tiramisu Martini image

Tiramisu Martini

Toblerone Martini image

Toblerone Martini

The Porn Star image

The Porn Star

The Pumpkintini image

The Pumpkintini

The Queen Anne Cocktail image

The Queen Anne Cocktail

The Sleeping Beauty Cocktail image

The Sleeping Beauty Cocktail

The White Lady image

The White Lady

Toffee Apple-Tini image

Toffee Apple-Tini

Turtle Cake Tini image

Turtle Cake Tini

Tiramisutini image


The Sun Way image

The Sun Way

Thin Mint Cocktail image

Thin Mint Cocktail

Yin Yang Martini image

Yin Yang Martini

Vesper Martini image

Vesper Martini

White Choc Raspberry Martini image

White Choc Raspberry Martini

White Chocolate Martini image

White Chocolate Martini

White Gummy Bear Martini image

White Gummy Bear Martini

Vodkatini image


Victoria’s Secret Raspberry Bombshell Cocktail image

Victoria’s Secret Raspberry Bombshell Cocktail

Viniq Cosmo image

Viniq Cosmo

Winter Solstice image

Winter Solstice

Werthers Original image

Werthers Original

The martini is a classic cocktail invented in 1863. It all started with some gin, vermouth, some olives and a lemon. The martini recipe has seen a lot of innovations since then. So, unless you're James Bond (vodka martini, shaken not stirred), you're going to like this diverse mix of easy martini recipes for any occasion. It's also one of the most simple cocktail recipes around. As such, the ingredients arguably matter even more. Your choice of liquor for a martini is key – best to use the top-shelf gin for a martini.

How to Make a Martini Recipe Just Right

Early martini recipes were on the sweeter side, before the Dry Martini hit the mainstream in the 20th century. The years have demonstrated the malleability of martinis as bartenders have swapped gin and vermouth proportions or teetered the line between sweet and dry. You can make a vodka martini for the driest of the dry, or blend in some Italian for vermouth and your martini will go down smoother. A dirty martini is no different from a regular martini, but the olives get crushed into the drink, with olive brine added as well. At Tipsy, we like to go a little crazy with our 'tini drinks. We serve up a pumpkintini, banana, strawberry and chocolate-flavored martinis, and several other options that could change depending on the occasion. You can give it a Caribbean spin with pineapple or go for one of the wilder candy flavors you'll find below. Martinis come in all shapes and sizes. How you make them will depend on how you like them, and what occasion you are making them for. There's a martini recipe for everyone in our long list of martini recipes. And you can make these anytime, anywhere. Now, let's learn how to make a martini just the way you like it.
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