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Rosé Cocktails

Sip into something pink and delicious with our collection of rosé cocktails, perfect for any occasion!

Sip into something pink and delicious with our collection of rosé cocktails, perfect for any occasion!

Go wild with pink wine and rosé cocktails! These super cute pink drinks are perfect for any and every occasion from weekend relaxing to turning up on your birthday. Whether you're craving a classic frose recipe or an extra special rose sangria recipe to entertain, we gotchu, fam. Because Tipsy Bartender has the best wine cocktails for everyone to enjoy. So grab a glass, your favorite pink wine, and let's toast to pink perfection!  

Help! I'm a wine virgin! What even is rosé wine?

Glad you asked, homeboy! It's probably important to know what you're putting in your rosé cocktails. Rosé wine is pretty much just pink wine made by using some of the color in the grape skins. The color and sweetness can vary, but it'll always be pink. So for your rosé cocktails, you can use pink moscato, white zinfandel, or whatever else your heart desires. You can technically even mix red and white. But sometimes you gotta ask yourself whether or not you should instead of whether or not you could. Because that ish is illegal in France, my friend, and they know what they're doing.  

Okay, I think I'm ready to make some rosé cocktails! Where do I start?

Well that all really depends on what you like. As always, Tipsy Bartender encourages you to take a look for yourself and decide. But of course we have rosé wine recipe suggestions. For a sweeter spin on the OG Frosé recipe, peep our Strawberry Frosé. It's easy peasy, strawberry squeezy by blending frozen rose ice cubes, vodka, grenadine, and strawberries. We have a couple delicious spins on frose recipes because they're just that dang good. But if you're entertaining a crowd, whip up a batch of The Rose Sangria. It's tasty af and a super easy sangria recipe too. With just rose wine, peach schnapps, soda water, and fruit, it's one of the easiest rosé cocktails you'll ever make.
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