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Absinthe Cocktails
Absinthe Cocktails

Let’s party with the green fairy! Absinthe cocktails and absinthe shots pack a real punch in both flavor and alcohol content. Popular in Europe’s bohemian movement, they’re making a wild and sexy comeback. And Tipsy Bartender has all the recipes you need to find the right absinthe cocktail for you!

For a classy, Moulin Rouge-esque celebration or a fancy take on brunch, check out our recipe for our Death In The Afternoon. This bubbly absinthe drink eases the high alcohol content while savoring its deep, herbal flavor. If strength is what you’re after, check out our Death Drop recipe. These super strong shots mix vodka, tequila, green absinthe, and 151 proof rum. You’ll be really tipsy after one big gulp. You might start seeing a pattern here, but we promise not all absinthe drinks have “death” in their name. Just take a peek at our Green Fairy recipe. This absinthe cocktail shooter packs a sweet lil’ punch with that iconic sexy green color.


All I know is that it’s green and it makes you see stuff. What is absinthe??

Hold your horses, homeboy! Let Tipsy Bartender explain something to you. Absinthe is an anise-flavored spirit made from both medicinal and culinary herbs. Typical herbs that manufacturers use to sexify absinthe include: wormwood, green anise, and sweet fennel. Unfortunately, you don’t actually hallucinate. That was made-up prohibition propaganda to make it seem dangerous. But you can’t keep artists down. Because of its reputation, absinthe attracted many artists and writers part of the bohemian movement. Formerly known as The Absinthe Room, the Old Absinthe House in New Orleans is famous for the popularity of absinthe cocktails. Artists and writers like Mark Twain, Oscar Wilde, and Frank Sinatra would frequent The Absinthe Room.


No way! I never knew those old dead guys partied.

You have no idea how hard some of these dudes partied. This might give you an idea though. Other notable absinthe drinkers include: Edgar Allan Poe, Ernest Hemingway, Pablo Picasso, and Vincent van Gogh. Now that’s a party.


Green Fairy #2

The Green Fairy Shot is one of those drinks that's super simple, but super potent.


Death In The Afternoon

Set yourself up for something strong and bubbly with this Death in the Afternoon cocktail.


Absinthe Bull

People, this Absinthe Bull is a flaming Absinthe energy drink cocktail, so you know it's potent to the max.


The Millionaire Cocktail


The Monkey Gland


Dragon’s Breath Shot

Folks looking for a beautifully layered shooter should check out this beastly Dragon's Breath Shot.


Wolf Bite Shooter


Surfer on Absinthe Shot


Green Clouds Shooter


Black Absinthe Popsicles


Absinthe Without Leave

Ladies and gentlemen buckle up for the Absinthe Without Leave because this drink will rock you like you won't believe.


Rogue one: Darth Vader Shots

Star Wars cocktails don't come sexier or more delicious than these Rogue One: Darth Vader Shots.