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Drinks by Theme/Vibe
Drinks by Theme/Vibe

Everyone loves themed drinks! Tell us you don’t. Seriously. We dare you. Because Tipsy Bartender is serving up drinks by theme whether you’re searching for holiday drinks like Valentine’s Day cocktails or getting your freak on for your bestie’s birthday. We’re no strangers to the themed cocktail game, so bring on the Disney princesses, superheroes, video games, and even unicorn drinks.

You mean to tell me that y’all have Disney themed cocktails and superhero drink recipes??

Well yeah. We’re hip. We’re cool. We know what the people want! And y’all wanted to get your Disney on, so we have both Disney themed cocktails and superhero drinks. If you’re looking for your Prince Charming, peep our Sleeping Beauty Cocktail. With Kinky Pink, Hpnotiq, vodka, and lemon-lime soda, it’s a vodka cocktail recipe both Flora and Merryweather can agree on. But if Marvel or DC themed drinks are more your speed, check out our Incredible Hulk shot. This easy shot recipe of Hennessy and Hpnotiq may be small, but it’s still a beast of a drink. The Joker Shot is another shot-sized superhero drink recipe with melon liqueur, coconut rum, pina colada mix, and overproof rum.

So like, do y’all do holiday themed drinks?

Of course we do, homeboy. We have your holidays covered from Halloween drinks to Labor Day cocktails because if it’s an excuse to party, we’ll take it. But we do have a dedicated list of special occasion recipes, so maybe give that a lil’ lookie. However, if you can’t find the specific holiday themed cocktails you’re searching for, we do have quite the themed drink inspo just for you. For those three day weekend BBQ’s, check out our Backyard BBQ Drinks. These themed drinks are just what the doctor ordered with easy jungle juice recipes, spiked root beer floats, and even some wet and wild watermelon kegs your guests will never forget. And sexy drinks aren’t just for Valentine’s Day. Tipsy Bartender’s sexy drink recipes are perfect birthday cocktails and bachelorette party drinks.

Oh heck yeah! I’m into it. But is brunch a theme? What if I’m having a tiki party?

Anything can be a theme! But brunch parties are dope af, and what would you serve other than brunch cocktails? If you’ve been deprived of brunch your whole life, you’ll see a lot of brunch cocktail recipes like mimosas and bloody mary recipes. But tiki parties are a different ball game. Get your tiki on in tropical paradise with tropical cocktails. Tropical cocktail recipes are the perfect themed drinks for your tiki party. You can whip up an easy Cuba Libre recipe or a Classic Pina Colada for your guests. And for peeps throwing bougie themed parties, why not have some bougie themed drinks? Classic cocktails are the way to go. I mean, what’s fancier than a Classic Gin Martini?

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