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Step up your home bartending game with these Mixologist Approved fancy cocktail recipes, featuring everything from Flaming Strawberries to a Japanese Long Island.

Step up your home bartending game with these Mixologist Approved fancy cocktail recipes, featuring everything from Flaming Strawberries to a Japanese Long Island.


Strong Island image

Strong Island

Bird Bath image

Bird Bath

You Yuzu Call Me On My Cell Phone image

You Yuzu Call Me On My Cell Phone

Saffron Lemonade image

Saffron Lemonade

The Works image

The Works

Butterfly Effect image

Butterfly Effect

Flying Blue Bird image

Flying Blue Bird

Cucumber Rose image

Cucumber Rose

Hollaback Girl image

Hollaback Girl

Brunch on 23rd image

Brunch on 23rd

Froot Milk image

Froot Milk

A Tale of Two Cities image

A Tale of Two Cities

An Evening in Mexico image

An Evening in Mexico

Anything for Selenas image

Anything for Selenas

Bad Birdy’s Rum Punch image

Bad Birdy’s Rum Punch

Bad Thoughts image

Bad Thoughts

Big Bear Sour image

Big Bear Sour

Blood In Blood Out image

Blood In Blood Out

Blood Moon image

Blood Moon

Blue Magic image

Blue Magic

Blue Velvet image

Blue Velvet

Braveheart image


Brian’s Army & Navy image

Brian’s Army & Navy

Brian’s Negroni image

Brian’s Negroni

Caffe di Rose image

Caffe di Rose

Carrot Top image

Carrot Top

Casa Swizzle image

Casa Swizzle

Cashew Outside image

Cashew Outside

Chai Creme de Coconut image

Chai Creme de Coconut

Chai it on Top image

Chai it on Top

Chapter of the Forgotten Monuments image

Chapter of the Forgotten Monuments

Charity’s Coconut image

Charity’s Coconut

Charity’s Passion Project image

Charity’s Passion Project

Charity’s Secret Sauce image

Charity’s Secret Sauce

Charlie Brown’s Falling Pumpkin image

Charlie Brown’s Falling Pumpkin

Chiharu…The Martini of a Thousand Springs image

Chiharu…The Martini of a Thousand Springs

Chocolate Negroni image

Chocolate Negroni

Christmas On Rosecrans image

Christmas On Rosecrans

Claro Cassis image

Claro Cassis

Cobra’s Cove image

Cobra’s Cove

Coco-Cola Dora image

Coco-Cola Dora

Cody’s Old Fashioned image

Cody’s Old Fashioned

Cran Gin-Ger image

Cran Gin-Ger

Cuco’s Mojito image

Cuco’s Mojito

Date Night image

Date Night

Death by Fire image

Death by Fire

Don’t Miss a Beet image

Don’t Miss a Beet

Echo Park image

Echo Park

Fairytale Rose image

Fairytale Rose

Feliz Navidad image

Feliz Navidad

Flaming Strawberry image

Flaming Strawberry

Frozen Ramos Gin Fizz image

Frozen Ramos Gin Fizz

Glory Days image

Glory Days

Grandma’s Apple Pie image

Grandma’s Apple Pie

Hot & Dirty image

Hot & Dirty

Jack Horner image

Jack Horner

Japanese Long Island image

Japanese Long Island

Real Cosmopolitan image

Real Cosmopolitan

Ring My Bell image

Ring My Bell

Romeo & Juliet image

Romeo & Juliet

Rosa Sangria image

Rosa Sangria

Rum & Champagne image

Rum & Champagne

Rye.P.A image


Japanese Whiskey Smash image

Japanese Whiskey Smash

Killing Thyme image

Killing Thyme

Kingston White image

Kingston White

Klemmentine Smash image

Klemmentine Smash

Some Black Smoke image

Some Black Smoke

Tea Room Sour image

Tea Room Sour

Smash Libre image

Smash Libre

La Paloma Peda image

La Paloma Peda

Ladies of Manhattan image

Ladies of Manhattan

Le Provence image

Le Provence

Mary Forester image

Mary Forester

Me Time image

Me Time

Mezcal Negroni image

Mezcal Negroni

Modern Sour image

Modern Sour

Montego Bay image

Montego Bay

More Life image

More Life

Morning Coffee image

Morning Coffee

Ms. Grey image

Ms. Grey

Mucho Matcha image

Mucho Matcha

Nitro Mojito image

Nitro Mojito

No Problemo image

No Problemo

Northern Lights image

Northern Lights

Not Your Mama’s Old Fashioned image

Not Your Mama’s Old Fashioned

Once Upon a Time in Mexico image

Once Upon a Time in Mexico

Orange and Purple image

Orange and Purple

Oye Como Va image

Oye Como Va

Peace and Humptiness Forever image

Peace and Humptiness Forever

Peach Fuzz image

Peach Fuzz

Peach Montejito image

Peach Montejito

Petal Pistol image

Petal Pistol

Portofino image


Pretty in Pink image

Pretty in Pink

PSC (Pumpkin Spice Cocktail) image

PSC (Pumpkin Spice Cocktail)

The Raff image

The Raff

The Red Wedding image

The Red Wedding

The Winter Blazer image

The Winter Blazer

Tiana’s Key Lime Plum image

Tiana’s Key Lime Plum

Tokyo Drift image

Tokyo Drift

Trip-O-Matic Fairytale image

Trip-O-Matic Fairytale

Violet Beauregarde image

Violet Beauregarde

Wet Your Whistle image

Wet Your Whistle

Whistle While You Twerk image

Whistle While You Twerk

Wine Not Sangria image

Wine Not Sangria

The Bartender’s Coffee image

The Bartender’s Coffee

The Blood of the Prince image

The Blood of the Prince

The Bone Collector image

The Bone Collector

The Chocolate Flip image

The Chocolate Flip

The Contender image

The Contender

The Feisty Charlotte image

The Feisty Charlotte

The Fiery Entrepreneur image

The Fiery Entrepreneur

The Forager image

The Forager

The Forbidden image

The Forbidden

The Four Aces image

The Four Aces

The Gardener’s Daughter image

The Gardener’s Daughter

The Gogo Yubari image

The Gogo Yubari

The Greens image

The Greens

The Ish image

The Ish

The Man Cave image

The Man Cave

The Matcha Man Sour image

The Matcha Man Sour

The Morning Matcha image

The Morning Matcha

Sake To Me Margarita image

Sake To Me Margarita

Santa’s Pre-Workout image

Santa’s Pre-Workout

Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club image

Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club

Shōchū Tomato image

Shōchū Tomato

Silent Smoke image

Silent Smoke

Six Foot Seven Foot Eight Foot Bunch image

Six Foot Seven Foot Eight Foot Bunch

Slight Pinch image

Slight Pinch

Sloe Your Roll image

Sloe Your Roll

Smokin’ Hot Ginger image

Smokin’ Hot Ginger

Smoking Gun Tequila Mule image

Smoking Gun Tequila Mule

Snakes & Sparklers image

Snakes & Sparklers

Snow White’s Poison Apple image

Snow White’s Poison Apple

Something for Everyone image

Something for Everyone

Spring Time Love image

Spring Time Love

Sipping Spirits image

Sipping Spirits

Spa Day image

Spa Day

El Viejo image

El Viejo

Merchant of False Promises image

Merchant of False Promises

The Downfall of Fräulein Birnbaum image

The Downfall of Fräulein Birnbaum

Letters To Paris image

Letters To Paris

Part Time Lover image

Part Time Lover

24K Magic image

24K Magic

Rock You Like a Hurricane image

Rock You Like a Hurricane

Winter Solstice image

Winter Solstice

Ashes to Ashes image

Ashes to Ashes

Armonia image


Pineapple Express image

Pineapple Express

Pink Smoke image

Pink Smoke

Hawthorn Park image

Hawthorn Park

L.A. Cosmo image

L.A. Cosmo

Charlotte’s Web image

Charlotte’s Web

That One Drink You Made That One Time image

That One Drink You Made That One Time

Agua Fresca image

Agua Fresca

First Things First image

First Things First

Ever wish you could make those fancy cocktails you get at restaurants? Well now you can because Tipsy Bartender is bringing you crazy recipes for mixology drinks! Don't worry, it's not too good to be true. These upscale drinks are now ready to be made at home, so you can impress your family, friends, and of course yourself with your new bartender skills! So grab a glass and a can-do attitude because we're ready to rock and roll!  

Heck yeah! I am so ready to make some mixology drinks. Where do I start?

Well as always, homeboy, it all depends on what you like, especially when it comes to mixology. So we encourage you to take a look for yourself, but we can make a few suggestions for your fancy cocktails. Kick things off with a Flying Blue Bird. As the name suggests, this gorgeous gin cocktail is an upscale drink version of the Blue Bird. It mixes up lavender syrup, yuzu juice, luxardo maraschino liqueur, gin, and viola flowers for a fancy cocktail that's just as beautiful as it is tasty. And if you're craving more awesome mixology drinks with visual appeal, check out our recipe for our Flaming Strawberry. This fancy cocktail recipe combines rum, creme de banana, pineapple juice, fresh lime juice, strawberries, angostura bitters, and 151 proof rum. Its combination of frozen and flaming features are sure to impress any guest.  

Are there any classic mixology drinks? I'd like to practice my bartender skills.

Tipsy Bartender has the best mixology versions of classic cocktails, so you're in the right place. If you love a Long Island as much as we do, check out our Japanese Long Island recipe. To make this bad boy, combine hibiscus vodka, red berry gin, white rum, raspberry sake, lychee drink, and BANG! You have a super-potent, fancy cocktail recipe that's still really refreshing. Cuco's Mojito is also really great with Cuban rum, lime, sugar, spearmint, apple mint, Hierba Buena, and soda water. Only in mixology drinks can you find three kinds of mint, amirite?
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