13 Tasty Pie Cocktails for Pi Day!

Written by Rebecca Whitney

March 12, 2021

Pi Day, 3/14, is almost here. This holiday celebrates the first digits of the mathematical constant π. We like to celebrate Pie Day instead. Remember learning pi in school? Dessert drinks are a must-try for the cocktail lover who is bored with their classic old fashioneds, gin and tonics and vodka sodas. So tell your sweet tooth to get ready, grab your shaker and get ready for pie-inspired beverages. Here are 14 pie-inspired cocktails for Pi Day, March 14. No fork necessary.

Because it includes coffee liqueur, we recommend starting your Pi Day off with what we’ll call a breakfast cocktail. You’ll feel like a true culinary genius when you roast some shredded coconut for a garnish. This beverage is sweet, boozy but won’t weigh you down too much if you’ve planned a little day drinking. View Recipe

When you think of alcoholic drinks inspired by pie, you probably think of the classic apple pie shot. This cocktail takes the spirit of that shot but kicks it up a notch with cinnamon whiskey — one of our favorite mixers. Rounded out with vanilla vodka, apple juice and a brown sugar rim, this drink is a must-try. View Recipe

This tropical, Florida-inspired beverage is perfect for those who like a little balance with their sweetness. The key lime liqueur, pineapple juice and lime wheel garnish levels out the sweetness of the vanilla vodka, half and half and graham cracker rim. View Recipe

Who says you can’t indulge in pumpkin pie when we’re nowhere near Thanksgiving or fall? There are no rules on Pi Day. This bourbon-forward drink is ideal for those who have a notorious sweet tooth. View Recipe

This pie-inspired cocktail is the best of both worlds: It’s got the creamy, chocolatey sweetness of Boston cream pie with the elegant luxury of a martini. This concoction has more ingredients than our average cocktail but it’s well worth it. Our favorite part is definitely the yellow cake mix garnish. How fun is that? View Recipe

The Caramel Delight is truly delightful with so many creamy elements, boozy with vodka and herbaceous frangelico and as sweet as you’d like it with saccharin garnishes, like crushed graham cracker and caramel sauce. We love caramel in a cocktail because it’s complex, nutty, sweet but not too sweet, unique and so satisfying. View Recipe

Calling all sugar lovers! This creamy beverage is reminiscent of chocolate pie you had as a kid, piled high with ribbons of chocolate syrup and mountainous dollops of whipped cream. It stars vanilla, vodka, Rum Chata, chocolate liqueur and chocolate syrup. Need we say more? View Recipe

This rhubarb infused gin reminds us of a fresh rhubarb pie in the summertime — tart, earthy, a little sweet. Mix it with ginger ale, tonic, whatever you’d like for a tangy and satisfying quick cocktail. View Recipe

In the style of an old fashioned, this stirred cocktail is just as good as your grandmother’s famous apple pie. This pie-inspired drink is a little different than others you’ll see because it involved grated cinnamon from a real cinnamon stick, a slice of apple and a very potent mix of boozes. View Recipe

Out of all these dessert-like drinks, this one’s a favorite because it’s one you don’t see every day. Creme de banana is the star of this tropical, fruity beverage that’s balanced out with rum chata, caramel syrup and more interesting ingredients. View Recipe

This pitcher of deliciousness is fit for a crowd. Slice up some fresh apples — any kind will do — as well as a bundle of cinnamon sticks, then top with caramel vodka, apple cider, white wine and soda water. Boozy, fruity, sweet and thirst-quenching. View Recipe

Spring may be near but because it’s still winter, we want you to warm up with the Warm Apple Pie cocktail of just three ingredients: rum, apple cider and cinnamon sticks. It’s simple, it’s hot, it’ll warm you to your core and it’ll keep you tipsy. View Recipe

Nothing’s classier than a martini except for maybe a Lemon Meringue Martini. Get your daily dose of vitamin C and then some with this citrus-forward, sweet and absolutely boozy beverage. Bonus points if you squeeze your own fresh lemons for lemonade. View Recipe