18 Damn Good Cheap Drinks for Any Budget

Written by Erin Alkire

March 15, 2021

Even if you’re watching your finances, you can still drink like royalty. And in our world, “cheap” drinks aren’t synonymous with bad drinks. Here are 18 tasty beverages to enjoy while on a budget.

For many of us, the rum and coke is one of the first drinks we tried in our early days of getting to know alcohol. Now, you can kick the classic up a notch while pinching pennies. What makes this drink “dirty?” You’ll have to check it out to find out. View Recipe

There’s nothing like a mule in terms of freshness, fizz and affordable ingredients. Leave out the garnishes if you’d like for even more money-saving boozing. View Recipe

If you’re searching for a cocktail that looks elegant but doesn’t cost a bundle, look no further than the classic daiquiri. Rum is an affordable spirit we recommend always keeping on-hand, plus simple syrup is easily made at home, kept in a jar in your fridge, and can even last up to 6 months. View Recipe

This $40 jungle juice is perfect for a party and the best way to stretch your booze and your dollar. View Recipe

Perfect for chilly evenings and versatile (it can be made with rum, brandy, whiskey or even gin), the hot toddy is an affordable go-to we make every fall and winter. View Recipe

You’ve heard of the creamy classic, White Russian — but how about the Black Russian? This delicious drink has just two ingredients: vodka and a splash of coffee liqueur. View Recipe

Cheaper mixers make this brightly colored vodka drink affordable. View Recipe

Say good morning to tequila, OJ and grenadine. Grenadine is a cheap but deliciously sweet syrup we recommend always keeping stocked at your home bar. View Recipe

Here’s another elegant cocktail that’s perfect for a budget-friendly celebration or date night. Wine cocktails are a great way to save some moola. View Recipe

If you haven’t yet tried the michelada, you’re in for a spicy treat. Ideal for taco Tuesday, Cinco de Mayo, spice lovers and as a cheaper alternative to the bloody mary for brunch, the michelada stars clamato juice, worcestershire and hot sauce. View Recipe

With your favorite bottle of affordable tequila, some canned pineapple juice, that white wine that’s been in the fridge for a few days and a few mixers, you can make a party-worthy margarita sangria that’ll have your guests asking for the recipe. View Recipe

Nothing gets a party or a night  started quite like Jägermeister. Take your shot of Jager a step further with this grenade of awesomeness. View Recipe

It’s sweet, it’s citrus-forward, it’s a great party drink and it won’t break the bank. This shot looks beautiful but is super-easy to whip up. View Recipe

Have a bottle of Bailey’s sitting around? Us too. Turn it into a shot of cheap deliciousness. View Recipe

For you pickle juice lovers (yes, you), we bring you the bar favorite, the pickleback shot. View Recipe

For whiskey lovers who are sipping on a budget, the Angry Badger combines the intensity of cinnamon whiskey with the pleasantness of honey whiskey for a well-rounded, absolutely boozy shot. View Recipe

Trying to get the party started for less than $50? We’ve got you covered. Just grab some vodka, white rum, sour apple pucker, strawberry soda, and some fruit, and you’ll be gettin’ lit in no time. View Recipe

The Poor Man’s Long Island Iced Tea is sweet, refreshing, and strong enough to feel like a real Long Island without the cost of 5 different liquors. Keep it simple with vodka, gin, iced tea, and cola. View Recipe