17 Crazy Good Cocktails for Easter Brunch!

Written by Tabitha Butler

March 28, 2021

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Easter is all about new beginnings, whether that’s trying out new things, doing some spring cleaning, or actually starting your New Year’s Resolutions (remember those?). And to kick off your new start, raise a glass with these boozy Easter drinks for Easter morning brunch. From sweet takes on the classic mimosa to bright, colorful drinks to match your spring decor, here are 17 Easter brunch drinks to sip before your egg hunt.

Mix things up with this Fruit Salad Mimosa and get in the mood to tutti frutti shake that booty. This very simple, and maybe even kind of healthy, take on the classic Mimosa adds in blueberries, raspberries, and pineapple chunks. Garnish this bad boy with a bit of mint ’cause it smells great and always looks luscious. View Recipe

For those mornings when you can’t decide if you’d rather be enjoying sangria or a mimosa, here’s the best of both worlds. You’re welcome. View Recipe

We love how the mint sprig, fresh raspberries and edible luster dust tie this pretty mimosa together. View Recipe

Fruity, tart and definitely delicious, this red mimosa will feel positively festive next to your Easter morning brunch spread. View Recipe

With muddled pinky-red raspberries, green cucumbers and a garnish of fresh mint, this brunch drink is brimming with refreshing, light flavors to get your Easter morning started. View Recipe

For those of you who want to indulge their sweet tooth first thing in the morning, pair your Easter egg hunt with this pink treat. View Recipe

Why double fist your coffee and your cocktail when you could combine ‘em? The Morning Coffee is a beautiful balance of cold brew, simple syrup, Irish cream and heavy whipping cream. Oh, and vodka. View Recipe

If you want an Easter drink just as sweet as your Easter basket, look no further than the Orange Sherbet Mimosa! With orange vodka, champagne, and orange sorbet, you’ll have a creamy dreamy mimosa in your hands. View Recipe

Of course, you can’t forget the one, the only, Classic Mimosa! This simple sparkling drink is sure to brighten your Easter morning. View Recipe

If you want to feel a little bit healthier after your Easter candy sugar rush, indulge in this surprisingly tasty Apple Kale mimosa, made with fresh kale and apple slices! View Recipe

Want all the apples, but none of the kale? No worries, we got you. This caramel apple mimosa is the ultimate indulgent Easter cocktail. View Recipe

This swarthy take on the mimosa contains champagne, simple syrup, blackberries (of course), and is garnished with a sprig of mint. Remember to keep those pinky fingers up though, ’cause this drink looks seriously classy. View Recipe

And now to take your Easter brunch in a tropical direction, the Coconut Pineapple Mimosa! If you’ve got no problem drinking rum at 10 am, then this is the mimosa for you. View Recipe

Watermelon? In a mimosa?? You might think we’re crazy, but hear us out – it’s even better than it looks. Juicy watermelon slices adorn this beautiful brunch drink, with a little bit of mint to add extra freshness. View Recipe

This wild Easter drink is bright green to match all the plants blooming in the spring, with melon liqueur and a cherry garnish perfectly complimenting each other. View Recipe

Is it already starting to heat up? Well we’ve got just the right mimosa to cool you down… introducing the Popsicle Mimosa, a glorious mix of champagne, triple sec, and orange juice. View Recipe

Finally, end your boozy Easter brunch with this classy French number, made with orange juice, apple juice, champagne, and raspberry liqueur. View Recipe