28 Easy Holiday Dessert Cocktails

Written by Michael Stenger

December 1, 2020

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These easy Holiday desserts are the perfect answer for a sweet-tooth and a…booze-tooth. Try our selection of Holiday dessert drinks and other Holiday cocktails this weekend.

Get tipsy with a touch of peppermint bark on the rim of your glass. Delicious and easy recipe here… View Recipe

Everything you love about a chocolate sundae made tiny and cute. Best under mistletoe. View Recipe

Stroll through a milky wonderland with coconut rum and white chocolate. View Recipe

Treat yourself right this Christmas. Present well. Add sprinkles. View Recipe

Bring the campfire inside with an easy blend of vanilla vodka, butterscotch and Irish cream. View Recipe

Don’t deny the winter classic. Hope you have a few mugs. Spread the cheer. View Recipe

A White Russian gets a golden ticket to the chocolate factory. The rest is bliss. View Recipe

If you want a hot chocolate with a higher booze concentration, look no further. View Recipe

Speaking of decadent, turn up the fancy at your Christmas cocktail party with this one. View Recipe

It’s Christmas in Mexico, too, you know! Feliz Navidad! View Recipe

Chocolate-peppermint is a holiday pastime. Add these snow-capped delights to your Christmas party spread.  View Recipe

A cool, sweet-sour Christmas margarita. Leave Santa some tequila on the table this year. View Recipe

This classic cocktail is the best answer to the cold weather. Warm up with honey and lemon. View Recipe

Apple pie straight out the microwave, in a mug, with rum. An indulgence, for sure. View Recipe

Sip this under the mistletoe. A sweeter spin on jungle juice – cranberry and ginger ale. View Recipe

If you’re a cinnamon roll “Stan,” you’ll be a creamy cinnamon roll shooter fan. View Recipe

Whipped cream makes this delicious dessert cocktail. A cinnamon-apple special. View Recipe

Dim the lights for this sparkling apple cocktail. Pour some champagne and give a toast. View Recipe

Make a colorful, flavorful, candy White Russian for someone you love this holiday season. View Recipe

Get the carrot cake experience without all the calories. Here’s a sweet shot recipe for the family. View Recipe

Nipples are cool, but this cocktail probably tastes a little better. Raspberries and butterscotch for the win. View Recipe

The classiest hot chocolate you’ve ever drunk is here. Make it tonight. View Recipe

We’re not monkeying around. This cocktail drives us bananas. Maybe we overdid the rum… View Recipe

Winter is coming – oh no, it’s here. Well, here’s a special take on the Manhattan by the fire. View Recipe


Twinkies can last decades on the shelf. Can’t say the same for these cake shots…but they’re delicious. View Recipe

Come on, you like a good ‘nilla wafer. Here’s an easy vodka shooter that tastes like cookies. View Recipe

You won’t see James Bond ordering this martini. But what does he know about Boston Cream Pie? Two zeros in his name for a reason. View Recipe

Make another classic dessert most people love. A real crowd pleaser for your holiday party. View Recipe