The Best Cocktail of the Month Boxes and Services for 2022

Written by Media Shop

August 30, 2022

Looking for a fun way to explore new cocktail recipes? Check out one of the best cocktails of the month subscription boxes! These services offer a variety of different cocktail recipes each month, so you can try something new every time. Plus, they make it easy to get all the ingredients you need without going to multiple stores. Here are our top picks for the best cocktail of the month subscription boxes and services!

What is a cocktail subscription box?

A cocktail subscription box is a service that delivers a new cocktail recipe to your door each month. These boxes typically include all of the ingredients you need to make the cocktail, as well as step-by-step instructions. This is a great way to explore new cocktail recipes without having to go out and buy all of the ingredients yourself. Plus, it’s a fun way to try something new each month!

Why you should try it?

If you’re looking for a fun way to explore new cocktail recipes, then you should definitely try a cocktail of the month subscription box! These boxes offer a variety of different cocktail recipes each month, so you can try something new every time. This is a great way to expand your cocktail repertoire and try something new each month. So if you’re looking for a fun and convenient way to explore new cocktails, then a cocktail of the month subscription boxes are definitely the way to go!

How did we determine the best cocktail subscription boxes?

We know that there are a lot of alcohol delivery services out there, but we’ve found the ones with cocktail subscription boxes that don’t disappoint. Our top priority was finding quality products and services at affordable prices so your money goes as far as possible!

Cocktail Courier is the perfect solution for anyone who loves cocktails but doesn’t want to spend hours making them. Each kit comes with all of your supplies and contains a half-size bottle (375ml) of alcohol; every ingredient needed other than water or juice! There are also recipe cards so you can learn how much easier mixing drinks has become thanks in part by this service – it’s almost like they’re giving away free audits just because we love their product so much.

The cocktail subscription service will send you a new, handcrafted mixed drink every week. The options are endless with how often they want to deliver and what kind of alcohol is included in each shipment – there’s even an option for those who don’t like drinking alone! With all this customizable content it’s easy enough that anyone can create their own perfect recipe without any previous experience or knowledge about mixology at all; just pick which flavors sound best suited to your mood on any given evening (or morning).

The Subscriber cocktail boxes have a personal recipe library and the ability to leave reviews on cocktails they’ve shaken, stirred, or poured. You can customize your frequency of delivery from weekly subscriptions that are delivered right at your doorstep as well as bi-monthly packages sent out every other month; all you need is just one click! Not only will these delicious drinks come directly into their home but gift cards for purchasing them also exist so sit back and relax knowing someone else does everything involved in making great alcoholic beverages – including saving 20% off when signing up à la carte instead if wanting more than 1 package per billing cycle (or skip those shipments altogether).

Cocktail Courier stats

Price without alcohol: Starting at $29.99/month

Price with alcohol: Starting at $49.99/month

Free shipping: Yes

Each month, the American Cocktail Club will send you a kit with all of your ingredients and instructions for creating four different cocktails. With this subscription service, there’s no need to buy individual bottles or mixers since they provide everything in one package at an affordable price!

Give the gift of cocktails this December with a subscription to Cocktail Club! For every month you subscribe, your recipient will get an awesome box full or premium alcohol and mixers. Plus they’re shipped right away so there’s no wait time on those busy nights when everyone needs drinks fast but doesn’t want any glasses left around after dinner because who puts those things away? Not us; we put everything into our own personal bar cart (or two).

American Cocktail Club Stats

Price without alcohol: $43.99-49.99/month

Price with alcohol: $53.99-$59.99/month

Free shipping: Yes

Shaker & Spoon is the only subscription box that sends you all of your cocktail ingredients, with no alcohol. Every month they send out three different recipes based on one spirit and each recipe makes four servings total– twelve cocktails in total! The cost may be a bit higher than some other boxes because there’s nothing besides what goes into making these awesome drinks themselves – but Shaker & Spoon subscribers save money by prepaying for monthly shipments ahead of time so users can build their own custom list at any point throughout the year without breaking bank accounts or risking missing deadlines.

Whether you’re looking to expand your cocktail repertoire or just need something new, Shaker & Spoon has what every bottle of liquor can do. Want a little more shaken and not barely mixed? We have cocktails for that! Always up on the latest trends in mixology but don’t want anything too challenging yet still impressive like the Bring on the Bourbon Box or the Kick Back with Cognac selection.

Shaker & Spoon stats

Price without alcohol (only option): $50-$59/month

Free shipping: No

SaloonBox is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to try new spirits but doesn’t have enough room in their kitchen or budgeting restrictions. With SaloonBox, you can get an amazing taste of two different cocktails with just enough ingredients without committing wholeheartedly to 375ml bottles! You also receive a monthly shipment that includes syrups & bitters as well- there are even less expensive options if money isn’t really something sticking point – plus it ships right at deadlines so expect your box before long!

SaloonBox is the home to exceptional cocktails. If you’re looking to spice up your drinks game, look no further than our boxes of original and bespoke seasonally-inspired ingredients! Our subscribers can customize their preferences with substitutions or skip any month they want without penalty (though we hope that isn’t necessary). Choose between three-, six-, or 12-month subscriptions as well as gift-giving options if there are quite literally everyone on board at once.”

SaloonBox stats

Price: Starts at $54.67/month with a yearly subscription

Free shipping: Yes

Cocktail kits from The Cocktail Box Co. are a great way to serve guests classic cocktails in your home without breaking out all of those bottles you don’t want anywhere else! Each kit comes with juice, syrup and other ingredients necessary for three-to-six servings alongside small barware such as cocktail picks or even smaller mixing spoons so no matter what kind of drinker they might be this will suit them just fine.

A quick search online revealed many websites offering similar services but the one thing these businesses had Offer that made our selection process easier was their availability across Canada because we live fairly close by. It also helped us decide whether to order a refill.

The Cocktail Box Co. stats

Price: Starting at $22.99 for one kit

Free shipping: Yes

To find the perfect drink, you need to look no further than this monthly subscription box. Each kit contains ingredients for 12-16 cocktails and step by step provides three different types of drinks! A recent edition included Jameson Irish whiskey with a recipe that makes The Dead Rabbit’s McGlashan cocktail—perfect if your guests are adventurous spirits enthusiasts like us (and let’s face it: who isn’t?). Not ready to subscribe? There is also an option to purchase individual cocktail kits instead.

Some of us are blessed with a palate that can appreciate fine flavors. This is the case for those who enjoy drinking cocktails, as it takes skill and patience to make each drink correctly! The large format box has plenty in store thanks to its rotating selection – including classics like Mint Juleps or Bee’s Knees but also newer creations made just how you want them at any given time without having too many options available on hand (because let’s be honest here: some people might not know what they want until after 10 drinks).

Flexibility is the name of this game. You can choose to upgrade your shipment with premium spirits, downgrade it all together for just mixers-only delivery, or skip out entirely! There are also other options available.

Crafted Taste stats

Price without alcohol: $100/month

Price with alcohol: Starting at $150/month

Free shipping: No extra fee as it is baked into the subscription

Starting 5 years ago as a craft cocktail company, they quickly pivoted to employing bar industry folks laid off due to the COVID-19 pandemic and creating nonalcoholic batched cocktails. We deliver these made-of-drink mixers right at your door with full bottles of alcohol from licensed local retailers! Kits are ordered individually so you can get any three flavors for $18 or just one flavor kit that includes Spiced Rum Punch + St Germain Elderflower Liqueur Sparkling Wine.

These kits come with a jigger, cups, and tote bag. You can find them active in Austin; Dallas – Houston area (including Fort Lauderdale & West Palm Beach); New York City as well as Washington Dc right now but they’re coming soon Chicago Los Angeles San Francisco

Sourced Craft Cocktails stats

Price: Starting at $25/month

Life is too short not to drink! That’s why we’ve created the Classic Cocktail Kit, a monthly subscription box filled with three crazy cool recipe cards and other bar essentials for making 10+ drinks. This kit includes everything you need from mixers all of sudden became an expert brewer in no time at all – it’s like having your own personal Mixologist on speed dial (although they would probably still be more qualified).

Box on the Rocks stats

Price: $43.50-48.50/month

Free shipping: no

You’ll never have trouble making a delicious cocktail again once you get the seasonal Craft Cocktail subscription box. Every month, your drink awaits inside of an elegant brown package with Jolly Hour emblazoned on it! Just follow these simple steps: pour yourself some premium liquor and fill up that shaker until its full shake (or better yet use one they provide), then add ice cubes into both glasses before putting them aside for 20 minutes so everything has time to mix together perfectly. When ready pour out each shot into individual salt-rimmed martini onions Buddhism stealthily pre-mixed–serves 2 people only because who wants just 1.

Jolly Hour Stats

Price: $49-$59/month

Free shipping: No

Tipsy pixie boxes are the perfect solution for any at-home happy hour. You provide alcohol, we’ll bring everything else! Every month you will receive a super soft sassy t-shirt and fashion accessory to match it with your favorite drink or appetizer recipe cards in hand made by our very own mixologists just waiting on those busy nights when all that’s left is an empty fridge full of bars

Does a great way to enjoy drinks without having to go through the hassle of getting them yourself? Well now there’s a cocktail of the month club that will deliver all the ingredients you need to make great cocktails right to your door. So whether you’re a beginner or a pro, this is the perfect way to get everything you need to make delicious cocktails without having to leave the house.

Tipsy Pixie stats

Price: $38.99-39.99/month

Free shipping: No, but free for orders over $75

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to put together some custom cocktails, then our 5 O’ Clock Box Cocktail Kits are just what the doctor ordered. With flavors created by master mixologists that will impress even your most demanding customer – these kits make crafting artisanal drinks fast (and delicious) without any advanced skills required!

5 O’Clock Box Stats

Price: $31.50-$34.95/month

Free shipping: No

You deserve amazing cocktails at home! Every month this box delivers delicious and fun extras like craft sugars and bar utensils. This is the perfect gift for anyone who loves great drinks, or just needs an easy recipe when they’re feeling adventurous in their kitchen (or both).

You will receive two 6-ounce cocktail jars packed with all your favorite fruits, delicious mixologists’ creations, and craft sugar. You’ll also get one exciting surprise addition to the box each month! This could be wine slushies or infused sugars that you can use right away for crafting cocktails at home (not including champagne rimming salts), as well extra bar tools like premium rimmering spoons in different colors so no matter what kind of drinker you are there’s something perfect waiting just around every corner.

The Koncoctions Klub Stats

Price: $33.83-$36.94/month

Free shipping: Yes