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Flaming Drinks

Light up your party with Tipsy Bartender's Flaming Drinks, the ultimate showstopper for any occasion!

Light up your party with Tipsy Bartender's Flaming Drinks, the ultimate showstopper for any occasion!

Get your flaming freak on with Tipsy Bartender's flaming drink recipes! That's right, homeboys, homegirls, and homebaes between. We're lighting drinks on fire! Flaming drinks are perfect for parties, birthdays, first dates, second dates, weddings, baptisms, anything really. These drinks are on fire, literally. But they're honestly the best cocktail recipes for entertaining or if you want to flex your bartending skills. Because they do take a bit of skill and, well, they're fire af.

Okay, but like, how do you even light a drink on fire? Isn't it liquid?

Anything is possible with a little booze and a can-do attitude, my friend. There's a little science that comes into play, which is why flaming drinks are so dang impressive. Most flaming drink recipes are gonna call for an overproof rum, but any overproof liquor will do. You just have to be careful not to mix it with the rest of your drink when floating it to the top, but science strikes again with density! So your high proof alcohol should float above the rest.

Dang, man. That's sick af. But I still don't know where to start!

No worries, homeboy! As always, you should take a look for yourself to see if anything sparks your interest, but of course we're full of recommendations. A popular flaming drink is the scorpion bowl. Our Scorpion Bowl recipe is a delicious and tropical cocktail with rum, gin, vodka, pineapple juice, orange juice, grenadine, and some extra fruity fixin's. Oh, and you can't forget the overproof rum. The Flaming Moe drink is a close second with vodka, whiskey, simple syrup, creme de cassis, and blueberry schnapps. Add a lil' lemon-lime soda for taste, and ignite that bad boy with a splash of Bacardi 151. But if you're looking for a flaming drink recipe more on the citrus side as well as a heckin' strong cocktail, the Volcano Bowl is another on our watchlist. Four kinds of rum, agave nectar, lime juice, and white grapefruit juice make for a fiery tropical cocktail recipe.
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