Gin Punches

Let your freak flag fly with gin punches! Your favorite juniper flavored liquor is taking a trip to the jungle. Well, jungle juice. But so are you! Because Tipsy Bartender is wildin’ out with fun and funky gin punch recipes. And if you love gin as much as we do, we have a whole lot of other gin recipes just because we love you. So grab grandma’s second nicest crystal bowl, a bottle of your favorite gin, and let’s party!  

Wait. Isn’t gin like, for fancy martinis? How can you make a gin punch?

Well it’s your gin, isn’t it, homeboy? That means you can do whatever you want with it. Gin has a very unique taste, which makes it perfect for bringing a je ne sais quoi to your next great party punch. You can use it as a flavor enhancer if you’re making a large jungle juice. But if you are feelin’ a little fancy, feel free to use it in a classier gin punch recipe. It’s your world, homeboy. Tipsy Bartender is just living in it and slangin’ dope af gin recipes.   

Okay then. So what kind of recipes do you have?

We’re glad you asked! We were probably gonna give you some gin punch recipe suggestions anyway. But we’re happy to see you enthusiastic about it. You know how hype we get about AMF drinks, so of course we turned it into a jungle juice. Just combine vodka, rum, gin, tequila, blue curaçao, sweet, and sour and lemon lime soda. And if you’re feelin’ really freaky, slice up some lemons, limes, and oranges to put in your pitcher or drink dispenser. Speaking of pitchers, if you actually do want a fancier gin punch recipe, whip up a batch of our Cucumber Melon Sangria. Even just by the name, it’s definitely one of the more refined gin recipes, right?