Moscow Mules

Privyet, homeboys y comrades! What better to celebrate victory than with a grand Moscow mule? And even if you’re soothing wounds from an L, a solid Moscow mule recipe will do you some good. They’re so delicious that even Rasputin would have enjoyed these delicious ginger beer cocktails. With three ingredients, Moscow mules are also one of the best easy vodka recipes you can make. And if you’re bad and boujee, serve this ginger vodka cocktail up traditionally in a copper cup. But this is Tipsy Bartender, so we won’t judge you if you don’t.  

What’s even in Moscow mules?

Deliciousness and Vladimir Putin. That’s Tipsy code for deliciousness and vodka. But all jokes aside, the classic Moscow mule recipe uses vodka, ginger beer, and lime juice. The birthplace of this vodka ginger beer cocktail is deceptively not Moscow. Instead, this delicious ginger beer cocktail was born in Little Moscow in NYC to three men. Progressive, especially for the time. The power of friendship creates the best because three friends in a bar in 1941 got the idea to combine their business goods. And boy, did it create a great vodka cocktail.   

Are there other versions of the Moscow mule? There has to be!

Of course there are different versions, homeboy! This is Tipsy Bartender, so even if there weren’t existing variations, we’d make them. For our friends and fans in Party Mode™, peep our Moscow Mule Jello Shots. These wiggly mules are a solid recipe. Literally. They’re solid. Heat your ginger ale, add gelatin, and once it cools, add in your vodka and lime juice. But if you’d prefer a drinkable variation of the Moscow mule recipe, whip up a Headless Horseman. This spooky bad boy pours vodka and bitters over ice and tops it all off with ginger ale. Easy peasy… Ginger squeezy?