Whiskey Punches

Get ready to party like it's prohibition with some wild whiskey punch recipes! No matter how you spell it, it's some great stuff. Because this famously transatlantic spirit spends time aging in barrels, it develops a hearty and smooth flavor, similar to Clint Eastwood's handsome and charming flair. Whisky's smokey and oakey flavor make it a fantastic and versatile medium, so you can dress your whiskey drinks up for a classy night out at the speakeasy or dress them down for some home drinkin' with the lads. Whether you're a lover of light whiskey cocktails or heavy hitting whiskey mixed drinks, we've put together a list of our sexiest whiskey punch recipes just for you.  
What's the best whiskey punch for parties?
Hold your horses, homeboy! Everybody has different taste, so our favorite whiskey punch recipes might not be yours. We encourage you to take a look for yourself, but here are a couple suggestions to start. Take a peek at our Peach Whiskey Iced Tea recipe. This big ass batch of a whiskey mixed drink can be enjoyed any and every season. And yet, its peachy tea taste will send you back to sweet, Southern summers. Yes, even if you've never been to Georgia. Just brew some strong black tea, blend up frozen peaches and sugar, and add them all to a large pitcher with whiskey. And BANG. There you have a perfect, peachy whiskey punch. But if you're allergic to peaches or they're just not your jam, check out our Thai Whiskey Bucket. It's probably one of the craziest whiskey cocktails out there, but Thailand goes hard. Keep up with this insanely strong whiskey punch bucket. It's as easy to make as it is strong. Just toss some ice into a bucket and top with whiskey, thai red bull, and soda. This bad ass whiskey punch is meant for sharing, but only if you want to.