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Bubble Gum Drinks
Bubble Gum Drinks

Bubble gum, bubble gum, in a dish. How many pieces do you wish? Well you can have all of them, homeboy! Because this is Tipsy Bartender, and we’re serving you all the bubble gum drinks you could want. From Bazooka Joe shots to Bubblegum Vodka, we have what you need. And if your heart so desires even more extreme Candy Cocktails, just click that little link there to view our master list.


Okay, but where do you even get bubble gum flavored alcohols?

Sometimes you can find them in stores, but you’re in the heart of the Candy Cocktail Kingdom! We know things can be hard to find, so we have the sexiest DIY bubble gum alcohols so that you can make your bubble gum drinks. So buckle up, my friend, and peep our Bubble Gum Infused Vodka recipe. It’s super easy because you just let your bubble gum pieces have a little party in their vodka container, and your bubblegum vodka is ready! But if you’re not sure where to start, we have an easy cocktail recipe at the end of the video. We also have a recipe on How To Make Bubble Gum Rum if bubblegum vodka isn’t your thing.


I wish for… Two dope af bubble gum drink recommendations!

Say no more, homeboy! Check out our recipe for our Bazooka Joe Shooters. To make these little layered Bazooka Joe shots, just mix up Irish cream, creme de banana, and blue curacao. And BANG! You have some super-tasty bubble gum cocktail shots. But if you already went through the trouble of making your bubblegum vodka and want to use it, we gotchu. The Hubba Bubble is a great bubble gum drink with bubblegum vodka, triple sec, lemon juice, pink lemonade, simple syrup, and lemon-lime soda. Just drink your candy cocktails responsibly because Tipsy Bartender loves you.


Bazooka Coco Bubble Gum Rum Shooters

Try to say the name of these shots ten times fast: Bazooka Coco Bubble Gum Rum Shooters.


Bubble Gum Boy Shot

Although there's no actual gum in the Bubble Gum Boy Shot, there's still plenty of what matters: booze.


How To Make Bubble Gum Rum

It's hard to imagine improving on rum, but if you just want to mix things up, try out this Bubble Gum Rum recipe.


Bubble Gum Shot

People, you need to try this Bubble Gum Shot if you love sweet and sour shooters.


Bubblegum Daiquiri

The Bubble Gum Daiquiri is a pink and lusciously slushy take on the classic daiquiri.


Bubblegum Martini

Blow your mind, and some gum, with this Bubble Gum Martini.


Bubblegum Shooters

These Bubblegum Shooters are the ideal sugary shots for people who want something sweet and pretty as heck.


Bubble Gum Colada

The Bubble Gum Colada is a gorgeous pink cocktail for all you tipsy princesses out there.


Bubble Gum Infused Vodka

The Bubble Gum Infused Vodka Shot is perfect for the ladies and gentlemen who love a really pretty pink cocktail.


Coconut Bubble Gum Shot

Blow your mind and some bubbles with this Coconut Bubble Gum Shot.


Bubble Gum Shot #2


The Hubba Bubble

Candy cocktails do not get any crazier than this Hubba Bubble cocktail.