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Cider Drinks
Cider Drinks

It’s time to kick back and relax with some cider drinks from Tipsy Bartender! They’re sweet, sometimes cinnamon-y, and full of delicious fun. What’s not to love about a sexified apple cider cocktail?

Although they’re typically associated with fall, our cider cocktail recipes can, and should, be enjoyed all year long. Get your party started with a Darth Jager. This reverse bomb shot is as fun as it is tasty. The shot of Jagermeister adds a fresh and herbal flavor to your hard cider drink and will show you the power of the dark side. Looking for something a little fancier? Our Spring Time Love is a simple yet classy cider drink that will tantalize your taste buds and impress your friends, family, date, and pretty much everyone. This bougie banger packs muddled blackberries, lime juice, gin, elderflower liqueur, and hard pineapple cider.

Hit me with your favorite fall recipes!

Say no more! Because fall is the time they’re in season, apples are abundant. Make–and lose–memories with our Apple Pie Moonshine recipe. This infusion combines spiced apple cider with Everclear, so you’ll definitely feel it. If you’re looking for some fun fall party cocktails or some holiday drinks, check out our recipes for our Sparkling Fall Sangria and Apple Cider Margarita. These cider recipes are fun, sexy, and easy to make.

Help! Some of these call for regular apple cider. Could I use hard cider instead??

Calm down, homeboy! It’s gonna be alright. You can totally substitute hard cider for a recipe calling for soft cider, but your cider drinks might taste a little different. The world is your oyster, and it’s not like Tipsy Bartender is in your house to make sure you’re following our recipes to a T. Just be careful because some cream liqueurs like RumChata can curdle when they come into contact with acidic liquids like certain fruit juices, beer, hard seltzers, hard ciders, etc.


Apple Pie a la Mode

Apple dessert mixed drinks don't get much better than this Apple Pie A La Mode Cocktail.


Fireball Apple Cider

This Fireball Apple Cider is one of the most crisp, most refreshing cocktails in existence, trust us.


Apple Pie Sangria

Ladies and gentlemen, here we have the Apple Pie Sangria, which is one of the most beautiful autumn sangrias out there.


Darth Jager


Angry Balls

The Angry Balls is another one of those super simple shots that's still super potent.


Sparkling Fall Sangria


Apple Cider Margarita

The Apple Cider Margarita, ladies and gentlemen!


Golden Shower Bomb

OK, yes, the Golden Shower Bomb sounds like it may be kind of rough, but we promise this cider bomb shot delivers tons of great taste.


Spring Time Love


Apple Cider Slush


Apple Pie Float

This little Apple Pie Float is so delicious you're going to look down and find your feet lifting off the ground — hopefully in a safe and responsible way though.


Caramel Apple Mimosa

However tasty you think this Caramel Apple Mimosa sounds, we promise it's even better than that.