13 Thanksgiving Party Recipes To Set the Vibe Just Right

Written by Michael Stenger

November 25, 2020

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Our Thanksgiving party recipes include Thanksgiving cocktails that are sure to calm down or heat up any dinner table feuds with in-laws. Here are those Thanksgiving recipes now. Vodka, rum, whiskey – or whatever’s around!

Thanksgiving drinks need apples. You need an apple pie on the rocks. View Recipe

These Thanksgiving shots are a few eggs away from being an actual pie. Delicious. View Recipe

Champagne is enough reason to give a Thanksgiving toast this year. View Recipe

If you decide to make a Thanksgiving jungle juice, don’t say the devil made you do it…View Recipe

These are tough times. Nothing like Thanksgiving punch to reclaim a semblance of “normal.” View Recipe

Thanksgiving sangria brings the family together. Pour a pitcher of apple and cranberry this holiday. View Recipe

Warm spiced wine is perfect for loosening up your insides after a mound of turkey and stuffing. View Recipe

Here’s a dessert sangria recipe for your sweet-tooth. Like an alcoholic candy apple. View Recipe

Fruity jello shots with real fruit. Eat the apple, maybe keep the doctor away. View RecipeĀ 

Chocolate-covered anything: good. Chocolate covered cherry: better. Jello shot: best. View Recipe

The liquors add up in a jungle juice. Here’s how you can still have fun with $40. View Recipe

We’re almost done. But don’t say “goodbye” before looking at this blue jungle juice. View Recipe

This jungle juice is as good as it sounds. A fruity explosion. View Recipe