14 Fall Cocktails That Prove Pumpkin Spice and Apple Cider Are Equals

Written by Lauren Ballard

October 12, 2021

Fall is here, which means it’s time for the great debate! Are you a pumpkin spice lover or an apple cider stan? Sure, we could fight about fall cocktails in our cozy sweaters and boots, but this is Tipsy Bartender, and we’re here to keep the peace. Pumpkin spice cocktails and hard apple cider all have a place in our hearts and stomachs. But if you don’t believe that, maybe try a recipe or two because we might just change your mind. So remember, y’all, play nice and drink spice!

A good pumpkin spice latte is crucial for fall, but what if we told you that you could take your regular ol’ latte and spike it? Blend up your favorite PSL with vodka, Irish cream, and pumpkin spice liqueur for a boozy take on a delicious fall favorite. View Recipe

Yes, our cozy apple spice homebaes, apple pie isn’t just for eating anymore. Drink up this sippable, spiked apple cider of vanilla vodka, cinnamon whiskey, and apple juice. View Recipe

If you need a little convincing to try pumpkin spice drinks, check out this dairy-free pumpkin spice cocktail. Because with a little faith, trust, and mixology dust, anything is possible. View Recipe

Pucker up for this fall-themed bomb shot recipe. Cinnamon whiskey, sour apple picker, and hard apple cider make for an easy fall drink anyone can enjoy. View Recipe

Speaking of bombs, we’re dropping Goldschlager, whipped cream vodka, and rum cream into a pumpkin ale. It’s easy peasy, pumpkin squeezy for both taste and entertainment. View Recipe

This is the spiked apple cider recipe even your mom will love. With Fireball, hard apple cider, and just a touch of maraschino cherry syrup, it’s one of the best easy fall cocktails to make. View Recipe

You know the stars aligned to create this easy pumpkin cocktail version of the white Russian drink. It’s creamy and delicious with vodka, coffee liqueur, and pumpkin spice creamer. View Recipe

Normally you want something warm during the holidays, but some of our baddies are so hot that it’s only right to cool off with a cinnamon apple cider cocktail and a scoop of ice cream. View Recipe

But if you’re craving a warm fall cocktail, peep this white chocolate pumpkin spice drink that’ll warm not only your tummy but your heart. Go grab a blanket and snuggle up, fam. View Recipe

Speaking of warm drinks, shoot back a couple flaming shots! Goldschlager and Irish cream really get you in the seasonal spirit while 151 rum ignites the flame. View Recipe

Shake things up with this bourbon pumpkin spice spiked shake! All you need is bourbon, pumpkin spice liqueur, vanilla ice cream, and a dream. View Recipe

Oh heck yeah we have a fall version of a jagerbomb. It may not be an apple cider cocktail, but jager and apple juice counts for something, right? View Recipe

You ever wish dessert could get you drunk? Have the best of both worlds with a pumpkin cocktail pie! All you need are whipped cream vodka, pumpkin spice liqueur, and a few other pie things. View Recipe

Keep your doctor away with this easy spiked apple cider recipe. Grab you an apple or a few, brandy, and hot apple cider. View Recipe