21 F*ckin’ Mint Mojito Recipe Spins

Written by Lauren Ballard

July 3, 2021

What’s up, homeboy! It’s time to get funky fresh because mojitos are one of the most delicious yet underappreciated cocktails ever. They’re refreshing, sweet, and just downright sexy, so why not learn how to make them and have a few fancy mojito recipes up your sleeve? You know how it be because we’re Tipsy Bartender, which means that we’re packing the OG and its many mojito variations. Whether it’s Mojito Monday or July 11th National Mojito Day, join us in celebrating one of our favorite mint cocktails!

For our mojito virgins, don’t feel intimidated. A little bit of muddling may sound scary, but it looks just as impressive as it is easy. Muddle those mint leaves and lime wedges with simple syrup and top with white rum and club soda. See? Easy peasy. View Recipe

Rum is typically the base for our favorite mint cocktail, but everyone has their own preferences, so we got options. This sexy Dutch mojito variation uses gin, simple syrup, lime wedges, brown sugar, mint leaves, and sparkling water. How European! View Recipe

This one goes out to all our gamers out there! This mojito recipe takes inspiration from the adorable Best Fiends mobile game. In addition to regular rum and all the other standard mojito ingredients, this delicious mint cocktail uses coconut rum, strawberries, and lemon slices. View Recipe

Max out your mojito madness with this minty citrus rum slushie. Maybe it’s Mojito Monday or National Mojito Day. Either way, grab your blender for this frozen cocktail recipe and toss in ice, rum, lime juice, simple syrup, and mint leaves. View Recipe

Mojitos and mint cocktails in general are super refreshing, but why not turn that sh*t up to 11 with muddled cucumber? And if you’re feeling fancy, sexify your glass with a few cucumber slices. View Recipe

Does anyone remember that gummy bear song from, like, 2007? Well, we like to think it was mojito flavored. Make your own gummy bear music video with all the mojito fixins plus unflavored gelatin to solidify your pact. View Recipe

Level up your childhood memories with this boozy version of an ice cream float. Well, lime sorbet to be exact. Whip up your Classic Mojito and top that delicious bad boy off with a scoop or two of lime sorbet. Yes, it’s that easy! View Recipe

Is the dark side stronger? No, no, no. Quicker, easier, more seductive, this mojito variation is. Well, kind of. If you follow Master Tipsy’s guidance, you’ll find that this mojito recipe uses dark rum, cola, mint, and lime with absolutely no simple syrup. View Recipe

Some occasions call for a little molecular gastronomy, which is exactly what this wild af cocktail recipe is. You may want to save this one for a special event like National Mojito Day, but if you’re as crazy as this recipe, whip up some of these tropical mint bubble shots! View Recipe

Whether you’re hosting a party or relaxing poolside, this mojito cocktail pitcher recipe is the t*ts. Just muddle strawberries, lime wedges, mint, and sugar, then top that bad boy off with white rum and club soda. View Recipe

Tis the season for mint cocktail popsicles! They’re fun, they’re trendy, and most of all, they’re delicious. So hop on this frozen bandwagon with mint, lime juice, simple syrup, rum, and club soda. View Recipe

You can’t visit Tipsy Bartender without a candy cocktail or a few. Enjoy this boozy personal aquarium mojito recipe with a few extras including: blue curacao, Nerds, and Swedish Fish candy. View Recipe

If mojitos are your jam but you don’t want to use fresh fruit, peep this laxed recipe. Shake up coconut rum, watermelon rum, simple syrup, and sweet & sour mix. Top that bad boy off with melon liqueur, and if you’re feeling extra freaky, stick a mini vodka bottle in the top! View Recipe

Sometimes you gotta put on your rich b*tch robe, sip a couple cocktails, and remember who tf you are. This frozen cocktail recipe blends up classic mojito ingredients but tops it off with champagne instead of club soda so that you can feel like a baddie. View Recipe

Whether you’re prepping for a shoot or have low carb dietary needs, everybody deserves to party. So we’re bringing you this low carb, low calorie mojito recipe with raspberries, lime, mint, soda water, stevia sweetener, and rum, baby! View Recipe

This is the mashup that maybe no one asked for but everyone loves because you can’t go wrong with muddled berries, lime, mint, simple syrup, rum, and Mountain Dew Baja Blast. But depending on Baja availability, you may have to hit up your local Taco Bell. View Recipe

“Innovation” is our middle name! We’re bringing you every classic mojito component all contained in the sexiest jello shot ever. Whip up some mint simple syrup, add soda water to your gelatin, and let it set after combining it all with lime rum. View Recipe

Impress your friends, family, and self with this red and green layered frozen cocktail. All you need is rum, simple syrup, frozen strawberries, mint, kiwi slices, and probably a blender… Probably. View Recipe

If you just can’t get enough of frozen mojito recipes or frozen cocktails in general, this super simple blended drink is your new go-to. Coconut rum, lime juice, cream of coconut, and mint leaves are so delicious that even your super picky friend will love it. View Recipe

Take a trip to your local Asian market for this tropical bad boy. We use coconut rum, simple syrup, lemon-lime soda, dragon fruit, lime wedges, and mint leaves. But if you managed to find dragon fruit rum and used it instead for this mojito variation, let us know how it turned out! View Recipe

This one is for our peeps who love testing their mixology cocktail skills. OG drinks are hard to improve on, so it’s mostly your classic mojito recipe but with saline and liquid nitrogen. Neat, right? View Recipe