Jagermeister Drinks

Jägermeister is a digestif we typically associate with big, burly men and bomb shots. Probably because the name translates directly to "Hunt Master" or "Master of the Hunt." With a name like that, you can't go wrong with a Jager drink. It's basically liquid courage without the hair on your chest. Jager cocktails are especially perfect for shooting your shot because its 56 herbs and spices will have your breath smelling like a refreshing apothecary. Who wouldn't want to kiss that? Your great-grandparents even partied with the Meister. Born in 1934 Germany, Jager drinks were typically enjoyed as after-dinner digestifs, which are certain liquors or liqueurs that aid in digestion. Blue collar Germans sat on the Jagermeister secret until it was marketed to the American college party scene in the 1980s. Can you say "Hello Jager bombs"? Now the party don't start 'til the antlers walk in.
I know you can shoot it straight or as a bomb shot, but how does Jager taste mixed in drinks?
It's true that because of its herbal taste, Jager has a pretty specific flavor. Jager drinks tend to highlight the herbal flavor or use it to add character. Our Jager Bomb recipe is one of the most simple but fun Jager cocktails and is pretty straight forward with two ingredients: Jager and an energy drink. This interactive bomb shot is tons of fun for everyone. Our Meistertini is a fun spin on a classy cocktail that both highlights our herbal friend and enhances other flavors. Its addition of sweet vermouth, maple syrup, and espresso make for a complex cocktail of both bitter and sweet, kind of like your one that got away. The Redheaded Slut Shot is a wild and delicious drink everyone loves. Its fruity and refreshing taste make it a reliable shot to order at a bar or to impress your friends and family at home.