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Long Island Iced Tea & AMF Recipes
Long Island Iced Tea & AMF Recipes

Turn up with Tipsy Bartender’s Long Island Iced Tea recipes! Whether you’re in the mood for the classic Long Island drink or wanna shake things up with some sexy spins, we have the goods. There’s even a National Iced Tea Day for you to experiment around with and figure out your favorites. So mix up a Tokyo Iced Tea or a good ol’ AMF drink, and let’s get this party started!

What’s even in a Long Island drink?

Glad you asked, homeboy. We’ll show you how to make a Long Island Iced Tea, and the best one at that. Prepare to raid the liquor cabinet because this tall, tasty drink contains tequila, vodka, white rum, gin, and triple sec. Yeet that all in a circle with some sweet and sour and a splash of cola. But if you wanna get real crazy, garnish that bad boy with a lime wheel and mint sprig for some extra Long Island Iced Tea drink recipe sexification.

What Long Island drink variations are there?

So many that there’s a holiday: National Iced Tea Day. And if you come up with your own, let us know! Some more common Long Island Iced Tea recipe variations are the Adios Motherf*cker — or more politely AMF drink — as well as the Tokyo Iced Tea. What makes these different from the classic Long Island Iced Tea recipe? For the AMF drink, the triple sec is substituted with blue curacao and the cola is swapped for lemon-lime soda. In a Tokyo Iced Tea, Midori substitutes the triple sec and also uses lemon-lime soda instead of cola. But for a Long Island variation with only one substitution, check out our recipe for our Long Beach Iced Tea. This super simple Long Island recipe swaps the cola for cranberry juice.

What if I’m broke or have dietary restrictions?

Fret not! This is Tipsy Bartender, so of course we have Long Island drink recipes for everyone. All these fancy liquors can cost a pretty penny, so if you’re a broke homeboy, we still have you covered. Check out our recipe for our Poor Man’s Long Island Iced Tea. But maybe you’re watching your weight or nutrition macros. Peep our Low Sugar Long Island Iced Tea!


Long Island Iced Tea

Go wild with this long island drink foursome of vodka, rum, tequila, and gin. Top it all off with triple sec, sweet & sour, and a splash of cola.


Adios Motherfucker

This super fun spin on the long island iced tea is our most popular strong cocktail recipe! The AMF drink features four different liquors, lemon-lime soda, and blue curacao for that signature blue.


Tokyo Iced Tea

This delicious cocktail recipe is a vibrant twist on the popular long island drink. It’s your classic long island ingredients with the addition of melon liqueur and lemon-lime soda instead of cola.


Long Beach Iced Tea

Ooooo folks, you have to try this Long Beach Iced Tea if you want to try a seriously potent mixed drink.


Strong Island


LA Water

We promise this version of a long island recipe is tastier than it sounds. Raspberry, melon liqueur, and blue curacao give this deliciously strong cocktail a color that resembles, well… The LA River.


Japanese Long Island

All of you Long Island Iced Tea lovers out there need to try this Japanese Long Island, 'cause it's an awesome twist on the classic recipe.


Neon Tea

All of you Long Island Iced Tea Lovers out there must check out this neon green Neon Tea drink 'cause it's beautiful and just as potent as the classic drink.


Ireland Iced Tea

This Ireland Iced Tea is one of the best St. Patrick's Day cocktails out there 'cause it's pretty, it's green, and most importantly, it's really, really strong.


Blue Frog Cocktail

If you want to add a little ribbit to your Adios, try this Blue Frog Cocktail.


Poor Man’s Long Island Iced Tea


America’s Iced Tea

Folks looking for an amazing 4th of July cocktail definitely need to check out this America's Iced Tea recipe.