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Red Wine Cocktails
Red Wine Cocktails

What’s more seductive than wine and the color red? Feel free to guess, but you don’t really need to because Tipsy Bartender is bringing you the hottest red wine cocktails around! It’s no secret that red wine makes for a bold af sangria. We have stacks on stacks of great red wine sangria recipes and even more for all occasions. So grab a glass, your favorite bottle of red wine, and let’s celebrate!


Heck yeah! Hit me with those red sangria recipes!

Say no more, homeboy! If you’re just tryna enjoy a single serve red wine sangria recipe, peep our Single Sangria. This citrusy red wine cocktail mixes orange juice, lemon juice, lime juice, cognac, red wine, and fruit. Delicious, right? But if you’re entertaining a crowd, a pitcher may be best. So take a little look at our Classic Sangria recipe because you can’t go wrong with the OG red wine cocktail. This devilishly dark red sangria recipe contains dry red wine, brandy, lemon lime soda, halved orange slices, some lime wheels, and green apple slices. It’s too heckin’ delicious not to try.


Absolutely delicious. What other red wine cocktail recipes do you have?

This is Tipsy Bartender, so we get creative up in here. For one of the coolest red wine cocktails, check out our recipe for our Red Wine Chocolate Shake. Yes people, we went there. This incredible dessert cocktail recipe blends up chocolate syrup, chocolate ice cream, and wine. And for extra brownie points, garnish this bad boy with whipped cream, sprinkles, and of course a sweet, sweet cherry. But if red wine cocktail jello shots are more your speed, whip up a batch or a few of our Sangria Jello Shots. Combine orange jello, triple sec, red wine, and fruits of your choice. And BANG! There you have it!


Mulled Wine


Classic Sangria

Here we have a nice large pitcher of Classic Sangria, perfect for a big party or just some poolside sippin'.


Devil’s Margarita

The Devil's Margarita may sound downright evil, but the taste, people, it's angelic.


Red Wine Chocolate Shake

A Red Wine Chocolate Shake cocktail?


Devil’s Thanksgiving Jungle Juice

If you're looking for an absolutely wild jungle juice, you need to check out this Devil's Thanksgiving Jungle Juice.


Fireball Sangria


Letters To Paris

All of you master mixologists out there should try your hand at this Letters To Paris recipe if you think you're a real pro.


Raspberry Red Wine Slushie

Slushy red wine drinks do not get tastier than this Raspberry Red Wine Slushie.


Red Wine Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate is amazing and red wine is delicious, but this Red Wine Hot Chocolate?


Red Wine Lemonade

It's refreshing, it's full of delicious citrus flavors, it's potent, it's Red Wine Lemonade!


Red Wine Peach Bellini

People, you need to try this Red Wine Peach Bellini 'cause it's a downright magical red wine cocktail recipe.


Red Wine Popsicle Sangria