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White Wine Cocktails
White Wine Cocktails

Ever have a bottle of white wine lying around that you don’t know what to do with? You probably do but it’s been ages since your house warming party. So maybe go check the back of your liquor cabinet and give it a sniff. If your bottle of white hasn’t turned to vinegar, take a whack at some white wine cocktails! Whether you’re looking to get lit with a great wine spritzer or entertain a crowd with a dope af white sangria recipe, Tipsy Bartender has your back. So grab that forgotten bottle — or a fresh one to be safe — and let’s party!


Heck yeah! Hit me with those white wine sangria recipes!

Say no more, homeboy! As always, we like to encourage you to take a look at our white wine cocktails for yourself because only you know what you like. But of course we have some bangin’ white sangria recipe suggestions. If you’re feeling some summertime lovin’, whip up a batch of Summer Sangria. For our Summer Sangria recipe, grab your favorite pitcher and fill it with watermelon cubes, pineapple wedges, and lime slices. Now fill it with pineapple vodka, moscato, and lemon-lime soda. And BANG! There you have it!


So what other white wine cocktails do you have?

If you want an OG white wine cocktail, you gotta try a wine spritzer. Wine spritzers absolutely slap, so you should definitely make our Rainbow White Wine Spritzer recipe. This super fun rainbow fruit cocktail adds colorful fruit to white wine and club soda. How easy is that? But if you’re looking for a wine spritzer that’s a little fruiter, peep our recipe for our Girls Night In. Despite the name, this white wine cocktail recipe is for all to enjoy. Just combine moscato, vanilla vodka, and strawberry soda.


Rainbow White Wine Spritzer


Summer Sangria


Giggle Juice


White Wine Sangria Snow Cones


Peach Moscato Slush

Slushy peach cocktails do not get any better than this Peach Moscato Slush, trust us.


Fruit Spiked Like a Motherfucker

You need to try out this Fruits Spiked Like A Motherf*cker cocktail if you love fruity mixed drinks.


Beachy Peachy Sangria

The Beachy Peachy Sangria is a white wine cocktail that all of you pro bartenders out there should know about.


Melon Ballsfest


Apple Pie Sangria

Ladies and gentlemen, here we have the Apple Pie Sangria, which is one of the most beautiful autumn sangrias out there.


Blackberry Citrus Sangria

The Blackberry Citrus Sangria is a sumptuously tangy take on the classic red wine-based drink.


Blue Lagoon Sangria


Blue Lagoon Sangria

People, this Bleu Lagoon Sangria is a tasty, beautiful green cocktail that's perfect for beach-themed parties.