Bomb Shots

Do you like simple mixed drinks that look cool and are impossible to mess up? So do we. So drop bombs at your next party with Tipsy Bartender’s bomb shots! Bomb shot recipes are always a party favorite and crowd pleaser because they’re interactive and fun af. They’re usually done by dropping a shot glass of liquor into a glass of beer or another softer beverage. Now, you could sip it like a regular mixed drink or cocktail... But the fun part is finding out who’s the Party Alpha by racing your crew to see who finishes their bomb drinks first.

Oh heck yeah! I’m down to clown with some bomb shots. But I’ve never had them. What are some classic beer bomb drinks?

If you’re a bomb shot noob, fret not, homeboy! Tipsy Bartender is here to help introduce you to a few of the most popular bomb shots. To make our classic Boilermaker, all you’re gonna need is your favorite whiskey and beer. But if you’re looking for something to really wow people, whip up a couple of Flaming Dr. Pepper shots. Amaretto and beer are already a great combo, but the 151 rum is literally what makes this sick af bomb drink fire. You also gotta give it up to one of the most famous bomb shots: the Sake Bomb.

Okay, but isn’t there like, a bomb shot that’s one of the ultimate party drinks?

Heck yeah there is! You’re probably thinking of the Jager Bomb. The legendary Jager Bomb recipe makes for one of the best party drinks because it’s a shot of Jagermeister in an energy drink. Neat, right? But other party worthy bomb drinks you shouldn’t sleep on are our Vegas Bomb and Cherry Bomb. Much like the Jager Bomb, the Vegas Bomb drops a shot into a glass of your favorite energy drink. But you’re gonna wanna fill that shot glass up with butterscotch schnapps and Crown Royal Whiskey. The Cherry Bomb also parties into the night but with cherry vodka and a splash of grenadine for your drop. So go forth and get wild, homeboy!