DIY Flavored Liquors, Infusions & Syrups

What’s up, homeboys! Ever wanted to get into a little mixology and make your own flavored liquors, liqueurs, and syrups? Well you’re in luck because Tipsy Bartender is sharing the secrets of how to make liqueur, simple syrup, and more. 

Oh heck yeah!!! Sometimes I run out of something and don’t have time to run to the store. What are some basic cocktail ingredients that I can make at home?

We’ve all been there. You’re craving a tequila sunrise, but you’re out of grenadine. It’s the worst! So we’re glad that Tipsy Bartender can help you out. When it comes to basic cocktail ingredients, you see a lot of simple syrup, sour mix, and grenadine in recipes to help sweeten drinks and add flavor. Learning how to make simple syrup will really help you out because it’s super easy, and you can look fancy af when you tell your friends you made it from scratch. Similarly, knowing how to make sour mix is a good skill to have up your sleeve. It’s not too different from our simple syrup recipe, but sweet & sour mix adds that citrusy flavor we all love in sour cocktails and easy margarita recipes. And for you homebaes who love that sweet, red syrup, we’ll show you how to make grenadine. To be honest, you might not be able to go back to store-bought grenadine because our grenadine recipe is more traditional with pomegranate juice.

How the heck do you make liqueur and what even is it?

Glad you asked! It’s always good to know what exactly you’re putting in your body. Liqueur is a sweetened and often flavored liquor. So when it comes to how to make liqueur, it really depends on what you’re making! But this is Tipsy Bartender, so you know we have liqueur and infused liquor recipes for all your cocktail needs. We’ll even show you how to make Irish cream, melon liqueur, and other popular liqueurs to show off your bartending skills. And when it comes to infused liquor, you normally think of flavored vodkas. But we don’t discriminate, so we’ll also show you how to make infused gin, rum, and tequila.