Fathers Day Drinks

We've all got Mothers Day on our calendars, so we hope you remembered today too. It's that day we celebrate dear old dad, and why not celebrate with some delicious Fathers Day drinks? Tipsy Bartender has the best holiday cocktails around, so matter who you call "dad" it's time to fire up the BBQ, crack open some beers, and appreciate paternity.  
Hit us with some beer cocktails. My dad LOVES beer.
But of course! We have the sexiest Fathers Day drinks with beer around. Our Summer Beer recipe is a classic for Fathers Day BBQs. This badass vodka beer cocktail recipe mixes up beer, vodka, frozen lemonade, and lime slices for a fantastic and refreshing boozy beverage. For another great Fathers Day beer cocktail, check out our recipe for our Cherry Beergarita Pitcher. This tequila cocktail pitcher combines light beer, cherry soda, and limeade for a delicious and shareable Fathers Day drink. But if you're wanting your own personal beverage, take a peek at our Peach Moon recipe. This delicious beer cocktail recipe mixes up Blue Moon, peach schnapps, and orange juice. It's a pretty balanced drink if you think about it, with the dry, crisp punch of Blue Moon and the sweetness of orange juice and peach schnapps.  
Y'all always have something crazy. What is it this time?
You know us too well. Get ready for it, my friend! We're bringing you our DIY Jack Daniels BBQ Glaze! Not quite a Fathers Day drink, but it's still boozy fun. And because we let the remaining ingredients in this bad boy cool before adding in our Jack, this BBQ sauce is spiked. How do you like that, homeboy! Why wouldn't you spike your Fathers Day BBQ? And, you know, dads are all different, so we've got a few other great Fathers Day drinks to diversify. Check out some of our tools-themed cocktails because dads like tools, right? Maybe you and Dad want to celebrate with brunch. You can't beat a simple Screwdriver. Or can you? Test that theory with our powered-up version: the Power Drill. This wild twist on a classic brunch cocktail adds beer in the mix. How about that!