Fireball Drinks

What's better to bring out the sexification in you than a little sinnamon spice? Fireball alone is delicious as a cinnamon whiskey, and it's made a name for itself because of it. But here at Tipsy Bartender, we love improving on already great things. Our sweet and spicy Fireball drinks are perfect for any time, place, or event. No matter the season or time of day, we have your back. Fireball drinks are popularly drank as shooters, which makes sense because who doesn't want to take a shot of sweet, sweet Apple Pie? It's like being at Grandma's house minus the scratchy sweater and questions about when you're getting married. Our Hot Lil' Honey Shots are also fire and super easy to make. Combine your Fireball cinnamon whiskey, some honey whiskey, hazelnut liqueur, and BAM. There you have it! While the cinnamon flavor of Fireball is typically enjoyed in shot form, it can add some spicy character to mixed drinks. Celebrate our friendly pollinators with The Angry Bee. At least this simple drink isn't going extinct. This Fireball cocktail is a super fun spin on the whiskey and cola classic with its spiced punch in the face and slightly sweeter flavor.  Our Breakfast In Bed is another Fireball drink that you can have with breakfast, or for breakfast if you're wild. Cinnamon, butterscotch, and orange juice make for a delicious, yet simple cocktail. Large batches your thing? We got you. Our Sparkling Fall Sangria and Devil's Thanksgiving Jungle Juice are perfect for big holiday gatherings, but they're both so good that you can, and should, enjoy them anytime.
Help! They don't sell Fireball in my area!
Calm down! We know it's the most popular, but you can use any cinnamon whiskey for your Fireball drinks. We even have a recipe on How To Make Red Hots Whiskey, just because we love you. Stay tipsy!