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Labor Day Cocktails
Labor Day Cocktails

The grill isn’t the only thing getting lit this Labor Day weekend because we have sexified holiday cocktails just for you! Celebrate the fight for labor laws with some Labor Day drinks! Whether you’re partying as hard as you work or relaxing at the family BBQ, Tipsy Bartender has fun and delicious recipes for Labor Day cocktails that everyone can enjoy. So grab a glass and let’s party!


Work hard, play hard!

That’s right, homeboy! Why not kick off Labor Day weekend early with mimosas? There’s always the labor-free Classic Mimosa, but if you don’t mind a little part-time action for your Labor Day cocktails, peep our Apple Kale Mimosa recipe. This little leafy concoction contains champagne, vodka, a bunch of kale, and a handful of green apple slices. But if that’s just a tad too healthy, fortify your early Labor Day drinks with our recipe for our Power Drill. This electric spin on the Classic Screwdriver adds beer to power up your favorite vodka and orange juice cocktail.

For some sexy afternoon Labor Day cocktails to enjoy, check out our recipe for our Cherry Beergarita Pitcher. This tequila cocktail pitcher is perfect for sharing and combines light beer, cherry soda, and limeade for one of the most delicious party drinks ever. But if beer isn’t your thing, our Beachy Peachy Sangria recipe is dang good too.


Let’s light this grill up!

Hell yeah, baby! Since we’re out here enjoying BBQ and booze, why not combine them? Tipsy Bartender is coming at you head on with our DIY Jack Daniels BBQ Glaze. This Labor Day “cocktail” recipe adds Jack after the rest of the ingredients are simmered together, which means it retains its alcohol content and this BBQ glaze is spiked! If you like that, check out our Sausage Party Treats recipe for spiked condiments you can add to your grilled goodies. And maybe these Labor Day cocktails are more Labor Day foods, but you have to admit that they make great additions to a party. Like our Pickleback Pickles! This novelty cocktail recipe is a favorite because those boozy spears are basically the savory version of spiked fruit. Who doesn’t like that?


Cherry Beergarita Pitcher

The Cherry Beergarita Pitcher is one of those drink recipes if you need to have in your arsenal if you have friends over a lot.


Classic Mimosa


Beachy Peachy Sangria

The Beachy Peachy Sangria is a white wine cocktail that all of you pro bartenders out there should know about.


Power Drill


Summer Beer

Bust out with Summer Beer if you're looking for the perfect vodka punch to enjoy with your buddies.


Blue Moon Mango Margarita

Blast your face with this chilly, boozy Blue Moon Mango Margarita if you want one of the most refreshingly tipsy times of your life.


AMF Jello Shots


Sunday Funday


Best Margarita!


Not Your Father’s Root Beer Float

This Not Your Father's Root Beer Float is a wild cinnamon whiskey cocktail recipe that all of you Fireball lovers need to try ASAP.


Boiling Crab Michelada


Vegan Jello Shots