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Quick & Easy Cocktails
Quick & Easy Cocktails

We all love a great quickie. And if you say you don’t, you’re lying. Just get your head out of the gutter, homeboy. Because we mean quick and easy cocktail recipes. We know how it is. Maybe you had a long day at work and just want a simple cocktail or you’re tryna pregame before the Uber comes. Well you’re in the right place because Tipsy Bartender has easy cocktails you can make at home no matter the occasion. So whether you’re looking for easy vodka cocktails or a recipe that makes use of your nearly bare liquor cabinet, we gotchu, fam.


What do y’all deem as quick and easy?

We’re glad you asked, homeboy! We consider cocktail recipes that require minimum preparation as quick. Which rules out recipes like jello shots because those take a couple hours to set. And as for easy, these recipes can be made in 4 ingredients or less, but we tried to keep it under 3. Some of our easy cocktails use even less ingredients like the Cuba Libre because we know how it is sometimes. Quick, easy, simple, and delicious is just what you want or need. Nothing flashy.


So what can you make in 4 ingredients or less?

Oh, you don’t even know! Here at Tipsy Bartender, we serve the common man! So that means we’re ready to hit you with our easy cocktails. We already mentioned the Cuba Libre recipe, which is our favorite easy rum recipe. And because we love our fans and friends, we know y’all love a good Long Island. The problem is that Long Islands tend to have a butt load of ingredients, but we gotchu, fam! Not only is our Poor Man’s Long Island Iced Tea bussin’, it also only has 4 ingredients: vodka, gin, Lipton iced tea half & half, and cola! But don’t just take our word for it. We have plenty of other simple cocktails, especially those easy vodka cocktails, but don’t sleep on those easy tequila recipes.


Poor Man’s Long Island Iced Tea


Cuba Libre


Lemon Drop Shot

Drop a couple of these lemon drop shots at your next party. Vodka, lemon juice, and a splash of simple syrup make for a simply delicious vodka shot recipe.


Sake Bomb

The Sake Bomb is a legendary cocktail that has stood the test of time 'cause it's an insanely fun drink, especially when you're with a group of friends.


Angry Balls

The Angry Balls is another one of those super simple shots that's still super potent.


Toilet Water

This berry vodka mixed drink is way tastier than the name suggests. Hydrate while you drink by combining vodka, Triple Sec, Mixed Berry Powerade, and lemon lime soda.


Citrus G&T


Black Russian


Kamikaze Shot

The Kamikaze is one of the most popular shots there is, so you can order it anywhere on the fly (see what we did there?).



Here's another super easy, super tasty highball.


The Salty Dog


Tequila Sunrise

We all love a great sunrise drink. Peep the OG tequila sunrise recipe with tequila, grenadine, and OJ.