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Mother’s Day Drinks
Mother’s Day Drinks

It’s that time of year again! We hope you didn’t forget. Mother’s Day is a special day to celebrate our special ladies, so why not celebrate with some special Mother’s Day drinks? You can even get an early start and treat mommy dearest to some Mother’s Day brunch! Because everybody loves mimosas and holiday cocktails. No matter who you call “Mom” Tipsy Bartender has Mother’s Day cocktail recipes everyone will love.

Instead of going out, I’m thinking of having brunch at home. Any suggestions?

Hell yeah, homeboy! We love a good brunch. For your Mother’s Day brunch, you can always hit up the ol’ faithful Classic Mimosa. But this is Tipsy Bartender, so we’ve got so many sexified Mother’s Day Mimosas and drinks. Check out our Brunch On 23rd recipe. This Mother’s Day cocktail mimosa is perfect for those bougie moms out there with their designer sunglasses and handbags. If you’re expecting additional company, take a peek at our Spiked Mimosa Pitcher recipe. This boozy and delicious large batch cocktail is guaranteed to be a hit even with Grandma. But there’s no need to limit yourself or Mom. We’ve got plenty Mother’s Day drinks just in time for brunch.

Mom and I can’t do brunch, but we still want to celebrate with drinks. What now?

Fret not, my dear friend! Tipsy Bartender has some exciting Mother’s Day drink recipes up our sleeve that are sure to impress mother dearest. For the whimsical mother, take a look at our Cheese Shot Glasses & Wine recipe. It’s like an express cheese and wine board, and it’s guaranteed to make her laugh. Unless she’s one of those super serious moms. Then maybe make her a Drunken Mother’s Day Bouquet to cheer her up. For those super sweet moms out there, check out our Death By Chocolate recipe. This awesomely sweet Mother’s Day cocktail recipe combines chocolate vodka, Irish cream, creme de cacao, and chocolate ice cream, and will not only get you nice and tipsy, but will also deliver a delicious taste of dessert with every sip.


Drunken Mother’s Day Bouquet

Sons and daughters looking for the perfect boozy Mother's Day treat for their moms need to try out this Drunken Mother's Day Bouquet.


Frozen Mimosa

Combine champagne, orange juice ice cubes, and orange vodka, and you get the Frozen Mimosa — one of the tastiest classic mimosa variations out there.


Adios Pink Lemonade


Tequila Sunrise

We all love a great sunrise drink. Peep the OG tequila sunrise recipe with tequila, grenadine, and OJ.


The Bahama Mama

This Bahama Mama recipe is the perfect topical drink to have you feeling the island breeze. It’s a tasty treat with light, dark, and coconut rum, orange and pineapple juice, and a splash of grenadine.


Pink Screwdriver


Frozen Peach Bellini

People hungry for a great twist on the classic bellini cocktail need to check out this Frozen Peach Bellini.


Not Your Mama’s Old Fashioned

The Not Your Mama's Old Fashioned is a bomb-ass twist on the classic old fashioned cocktail recipe, trust us.


Brunch on 23rd

The Brunch On 23rd Cocktail, made by mixologist Tiana, is a masterful little concoction.


Harvey Wallbanger

This classic Harvey Wallbanger cocktail recipe is pretty delicious and simple, and we’re going to dive into its history a bit below.


Tequila Sunrise Mimosa


Classic Mimosa