22 Must-Try Boozy Dessert Recipes this Holiday

Written by Michael Stenger

November 30, 2020

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A dessert with alcohol will help you fight cabin fever this holiday season. We have everything from boozy cakes and cookies to simple cocktail recipes that will rock your sweet tooth to sleep. You won’t find alcoholic dessert recipes like these anywhere else.

Milk’s favorite cookie is also vodka’s favorite cookie. Double stuff your holiday this year. View Recipe

Everyone’s favorite hazelnut spread strikes again. A simple Irish cream shooter… View Recipe 

Stout-lovers and sweet-toothed baking fanatics…you’re in for a chocolaty treat. View Recipe

The more boozy brownies, the merrier! Try these delicious, poppable vanilla wafers infused with whiskey. View Recipe

Why buy a $50 basket of fruit when you can make better chocolate-covered cherries at home? View Recipe

If you thought chocolate-covered strawberries were peak, think again. Fill them with your favorite liquor. View Recipe

Chocolate-peppermint is a holiday pastime. Add these snow-capped delights at your Christmas party spread. View Recipe

Bakers: this delicious, boozy chocolate cake with rum is your golden ticket this holiday. View Recipe

Make your ice cream interesting with Irish cream spiked hot fudge. Apply generously. View Recipe


Picture Ye Olde Dutch Fudge Shoppe, but it’s your house. And there’s booze in it. View Recipe

Oh man. Bailey’s and hazelnuts on a brownie sundae sounds like the right idea. View Recipe


If you sense a theme here, you’re not wrong. Bailey’s and chocolate is simply the t*ts. View Recipe

Double Stuff Oreos are about to get double-drunk on vanilla vodka. View Recipe


These lightweights get toasty fairly quick. These bite-size, boozy white chocolate delights are easy to make. View Recipe

Everyone’s favorite spongy layered coffee cake, but with coffee liqueur. Not as hard to make as you’d think. View Recipe

If cake pops weren’t rich enough. You’ve hit the mega-millions by adding rum. View Recipe

Here’s a tangy, tongue-tingling bowl of fruity joy. Less than a minute to make. View Recipe

More strawberry than cheesecake. More vodka as well. Chocolate, too, of course. View Recipe

Now, if you really want a little cup of boozy cheesecake, some cinnamon whiskey can get you there. View Recipe


Yes, Jack Daniels and Coca-cola. In a cupcake. Do not sleep on these. View Recipe



Cherries are a environment-friendly jello shot glasses. Would you rather make this delicious dessert or destroy the atmosphere? View Recipe

Again, you’re saving plastic. And it’s delicious. A win-win for your holiday party this year. View Recipe