Creamy Cocktails & Recipes

We scream for alcoholic cream! C’mon because it’s time to get freaky with creamy cocktails. Yeah, that’s right, homeboy. Tipsy Bartender is packing all your favorite dessert cocktails and more. We have your mudslide recipes, your Baileys drinks, and all the alcoholic drinks with milk. If you can dream it, we can cream it. So grab a glass and your favorite dairy or dairy substitute because it’s time to heckin’ party!  

Okay, so I know you said mudslides and Baileys drinks. But what creamy cocktails are out there?

Like we said, homeboy. If you can dream it, we can cream it. Creamy cocktails can come in all shapes and sizes. Even temperature! But alcoholic drinks with milk tend to lean more toward the dessert cocktail side of things. Just take a look at our glorious boozy milkshakes and ice cream floats. A sip of those creamy bad boys will rock your world. Rocky road, to be more specific. And if you’re craving something with a little more heat, whip up some spiked hot cocoa. We even have a whole section dedicated to Baileys drinks and cocktails, so be sure to check that out. But sometimes you get those people who are dedicated to shots. If that’s you, peep our creamy shot recipes.  

Wait… Are there like, classic alcoholic drinks with milk?

Of course there are classic creamy cocktails, my friend! White Russians are a really popular creamy drink. They also sound really fancy while being super easy to make. Pina Coladas are also a great classic creamy cocktail. And the really neat thing about them is that people with dairy allergies or sensitivities can enjoy them too. Why? Because they use cream of coconut instead of milk! That’s just the cherry on top because these absolutely creamy and delicious tropical bad boys have a texture that’s just perfection. And we know we already covered it, but go checkout our Mudslide recipes. We promise you won’t be disappointed.