Memorial Day Drinks

Pour one out for our fallen this Memorial Day weekend and make a few more holiday cocktails to remember them. Whether you're celebrating with summer drinks or red, white, and blue, Tipsy Bartender's Memorial Day drinks are a delicious and patriotic way to celebrate our military personnel who died in battle. So pick a recipe to make and raise your glass. Let's party!    
Bring on the patriotic drinks!
Start this party off with a bang and impress your family and friends with a Jello Shot American Flag. Because of the color and our great diversity, this Memorial Day statement piece offers three different flavors of jello shots. Try them all or pick your favorites! For some Memorial Day drinks you can sip, check out our recipe for our All American Daiquiri. This super patriotic cocktail has red, white, and blue layers that have a combo of white rum and blue curacao, plus a few sweet ingredients like grenadine and cream of coconut. For a less literal Memorial Day drink, try our Fallen Froggy Shot. Back in the day, SEALs were called Frogmen, so this green layered shot pays homage to them. As an added perk, the Fallen Froggy Shot is delicious and mixes up melon liqueur, Irish cream, and grenadine. But the sky is the limit here at Tipsy Bartender. So check out all our other patriotic drinks!  
How about some summer drinks?
Don't worry because we've got you, homeboy! Kick this Memorial Day Weekend off with some summer drinks. If you're expecting guests, check out our recipe for our Summer Beer. But don't be scared! This bad-ass vodka beer cocktail recipe mixes up beer, vodka, frozen lemonade, and lime slices. It's definitely a must-try drink for your summer gatherings. For a frosty treat, try our Not Your Father's Root Beer Float. This brilliant whiskey and rum cocktail mixes up Fireball, spiced rum, and Not Your Father’s Root Beer, so you know it's delicious. Just top this bad boy off with a scoop or two of vanilla ice cream, and we're in business, my friends!