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St. Patrick’s Day Drinks
St. Patrick’s Day Drinks

They say St. Patrick drove the snakes out of Ireland – an amazing feat, now celebrated with Irish booze and liquor. As it turns out, there’s little record of “snakes” ever existing in Ireland… but you know what does exist in Ireland? Beer and whiskey. Here at Tipsy Bartender, we raise a glass to those imaginary snakes with our St. Patrick’s Day drinks, whether they be a hefty Guinness, a Shamrock Shake, a Bailey’s breakfast or a lean, mean shot of Jameson on the rocks. You know how it goes: Everyone’s Irish today! And you know what’s the best way to be Irish this St Patrick’s Day? Making your own St Patrick’s Day cocktails at home because holiday cocktails sham-ROCK. Turn on some music, lock arms with a friend and do a little jig. You’re going to like what you find in the Tipsy Bartender St. Patrick’s Day drinks collection. Here’s a little advice for getting your St. Patrick’s Day drinks just right.

St. Patrick’s Day Drinks Start with an Irish Coffee

An Irish Coffee is the perfect way to start your St. Patrick’s Day drink fest. It’s easy, and it’s breakfast. This is a beautiful, sweet, foamy coffee featuring whipped cream and whiskey. It almost looks like a Guinness beer. But it tastes like a coffee-liqueur treat. All you need for this St Patrick’s Day cocktail is: coffee, brown sugar, heavy whipping cream, and Irish whiskey to get going. One thing that people have trouble with is getting the foam to stay atop the Irish coffee like in the pictures. It’s a simple fix, though. All you need is to look at the fattier whipping creams. That’s what gets your fluffy, buoyant cream rather than a slim layer of milk sitting on top of your Irish coffee.

Whether you’re a whiskey lover, a green beer-drinker, or a Bailey’s milkshake-sipper, we’ve got plenty of St. Patrick’s Day drinks to wet your whistle.


St Patrick’s Jungle Juice


How To Make Green Beer

Green beer is so perfect for so many occasions that you should definitely know how to make your own.


Green Beer Jello Shots


Shamrock Shake


St Patrick’s Day Guinness Ice Cream Float

Sprinkles, vanilla ice cream, and Guinness beer are combined in this Guinness Ice Cream Float, and yes, this drink is as wild as its description makes it sound.


Leprechaun Breakfast

The Leprechaun Breakfast in one of those dessert drinks that gets you tipsy while you're just tasting an insane amount of dessert drink goodness.


Green Juice


Sour Apple Shamrock


Irish Flag #2


Guinness Punch

Yes, we know that Guinness and a bunch of vanilla ingredients may sound kind of crazy, but trust us, this is a combination worth checking out.


Pot O’ Gold Milkshake


Shamrock Shooters