The martini is a classic cocktail invented in 1863. It all started with some gin, vermouth, some olives and a lemon. The martini recipe has seen a lot of innovations since then. So, unless you're James Bond (vodka martini, shaken not stirred), you're going to like this diverse mix of easy martini recipes for any occasion. It’s also one of the most simple cocktail recipes around. As such, the ingredients arguably matter even more. Your choice of liquor for a martini is key – best to use the top-shelf gin for a martini.

How to Make a Martini Recipe Just Right

Early martini recipes were on the sweeter side, before the Dry Martini hit the mainstream in the 20th century. The years have demonstrated the malleability of martinis as bartenders have swapped gin and vermouth proportions or teetered the line between sweet and dry. You can make a vodka martini for the driest of the dry, or blend in some Italian for vermouth and your martini will go down smoother. A dirty martini is no different from a regular martini, but the olives get crushed into the drink, with olive brine added as well. At Tipsy, we like to go a little crazy with our ‘tini drinks. We serve up a pumpkintini, banana, strawberry and chocolate-flavored martinis, and several other options that could change depending on the occasion. You can give it a Caribbean spin with pineapple or go for one of the wilder candy flavors you’ll find below. Martinis come in all shapes and sizes. How you make them will depend on how you like them, and what occasion you are making them for. There’s a martini recipe for everyone in our long list of martini recipes. And you can make these anytime, anywhere. Now, let's learn how to make a martini just the way you like it.