Rum Punches

Why is the rum always gone? Because it's that damn good! Party like a pirate with our sexy and delicious rum punch recipes. Whether you're looking for a big ass batch of rum drink jungle juice or a shareable rum fishbowl, we have the recipes to please. But as always, Tipsy Bartender has your back, and these large and in charge rum cocktails will have you plundering and searching for that booty.  
Help! I'm a Rum Virgin, and I don't know where to start!
Calm down, our virgin friend! We'll find you some rum punches. If you like the Rum Punch cocktail, you'll love the supersized punch version of it. This crazy big rum punch recipe uses four types of rum, mango nectar, orange juice, lemon-lime soda, white cranberry peach juice, and a splash of grenadine. So grab a friend to suck this big boy rum drink down, but only if you feel like it. It's also worth checking out our Kiwi Melon Punch recipe because it's absolutely fantastic. While this vibrant green rum drink is super sexy, it's also really easy to make. Just add your fruits to the bottom of the pitcher and pour in your melon liquor, light and coconut rums, sweet & sour mix, and lemon-lime soda. And BANG!! There you have it!
I'm throwing this crazy big party. Have any showstopping rum punches?
This is Tipsy Bartender, homeboy! Of course we do. What better showstopper than a Watermelon Keg? Not only do we have a sweet ass rum punch recipe for it, but we also show you how to make the keg. How's that sound? But we understand if carving a watermelon isn't your thing. Our Flower Infused Ice Cube Jungle Juice is hands down the most visually appealing of our rum punches. You need fresh, edible flowers for this gorgeous guy, but we can guarantee you that it'll be the craziest showstopping piece your friends have ever seen.