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Valentine’s Day Drinks
Valentine’s Day Drinks

Whether you’re happily committed, slaying the single life, or lamenting over lost love — Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to pop some bottles, sip some drinks, and spoil your significant other with the best Valentine’s Day drinks. A bottle or two of V-Day champagne after dinner in your new lingerie is traditional, but why not spice up your night with an extra special Valentine’s cocktail or some sultry shots? From love potions to creamy blowjob shots, we have your Valentine’s Day recipes and other holiday cocktails covered.

Spoil yourself or spend some quality time with friends making Valentine’s Day Chocolate Shot Glasses and Drunken Vodka Strawberry Roses. Or for those who desire to evoke a fiery passion from their Valentine, cocktails such as our Dirty Little Virgin, Sex on the Beach, or Hot & Dirty are likely to satisfy. The WAP shot and Buttery Nipple are also excellent segues into the bedroom. Get ready because these Valentine’s Day drinks will have you Drunk In Love.


Key Ingredients for Valentine’s Day Drinks!

Love is in the air, and it should be in your glass as well. Sweet beverages are always easy on the tongue.

Maybe you’re looking to spice things up. Flavors like cinnamon can give you that inspirational spark. Cinnamon has warming properties, which can make you feel warm and fuzzy inside… and it can also increase blood flow, if you know what we mean.

People eat and drink with their eyes first, so statement pieces have an extra impact on Valentine’s Day. Heart-shaped jello shots, a Jack and Coke tower, or even some shimmery DIY Viniq will wow.

Heat things up with a Valentine’s Day Hot Chocolate or cool down with some Pillow Talk. You can head to bed after a Goodnight Kiss.

Maybe this Valentine’s season has left you single? Head to our Sexual Healing or our Lover’s Revenge Shot recipes.




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