Easter Cocktails

Jesus died for our sins, so get your freak on with some Easter cocktails. Although Easter has its religious origins, here in the U.S., we celebrate it with the spring equinox, a time of fertility. So celebrate with Tipsy Bartender's holiday cocktails! Make an Easter drink or two, raise your glass, and toast to fertility and resurrection. We promise it'll elevate your Easter egg hunt experience.
I'm spending Easter With The Fam Bam. What's on the menu?
Take a peep at our Peep Shots. These adorably spring vibe shots also come in jello shot form. And as a plus, they're infused with everyone's favorite Easter marshmallow treats. Why not dive deeper into hunting for eggs with an egg-inspired Easter cocktail? We've got a super fun recipe for Easter Egg Shots. You can still get lit around Grandma since these bad boys are pretty incognito. And if that doesn't wiggle your cotton tail, check out our recipes for our Boozy Easter Bunnies and Vodka Slushies in Easter Egg Shells.
Brunch, anyone?
If you're one of those many people who celebrate with Easter brunch, we've got some hella dope Easter brunch drinks just for you. You can't go wrong with an Easter mimosa. Our Classic Mimosa recipe is a classic for a reason, but if you wanna spice things up after mass, check out our Brunch On 23rd recipe. This light, fun, and fruity Easter cocktail combines vodka, simple syrup, angostura bitters, lemon juice, spiced cherry bitters, raspberries, Persian cucumbers, and even some cracked black pepper. How does that sound, homeboy?  
What about Easter drinks for large groups?
Maybe you and your buddies really, really love Easter and throw Easter ragers or something. We're Tipsy Bartender, so of course we have more Easter cocktails for your pleasure. Take a peek at our Easter Creamsicle Fishbowl. This large and in charge orange creamsicle cocktail is perfect to share with a friend. Or you can take it down yourself if that's what you're into. We don't judge because that's your business, homeboy. For the most beautiful jungle juice you've ever seen in your LIFE, check out our recipe for our Flower Infused Ice Cube Jungle Juice. It's perfect for spring-time Easter drinking. Stay Tipsy!