Rum Shots

Why is the rum always gone? Because it's that damn good! If you like rum drinks, you'll like these mini rum cocktail bad boys. Party like a pirate with our sexy and delicious rum shot recipes. From jello shots with rum to fun and fruity shooters, Tipsy Bartender is rocking these fun and funky rum cocktail shots will have you plundering and searching for that booty.  
Help! I'm a Rum Virgin, and I don't know where to start!
Calm down, our virgin friend! Let us learn you some things. Not only are rum shots delicious, but overall, they're pretty simple too. For those cautious in their seaside journey, check out our recipe for our Rum & Coke Jello Shots. These super simple, three ingredient rum shots are perfect for rum shot beginners. Just boil your cola, add your gelatin, let that bad boy cool a bit, and add your rum. Let it chill out in the fridge to solidify, and enjoy! But if jello shots aren't your jam, you should try out Corona Bomb shot. It's only two ingredients, so it's perfect for our mateys just starting out on the seas. Take a shot glass of lemon rum and drop it in half a pint of Corona beer.  
Okay, I think I can do this. What's next on the rum shots menu?
Ayyy! Let's take the training wheels off, homeboy! For a more advanced rum cocktail shot, check out our Captain On Acid Shot. This is a great rum drink recipe to learn if you wanna impress your friends. Shake up Captain Morgan spiced rum, Coconut Rum, and pineapple juice. Then pour that mixture into shot glasses and carefully add a splash of blue curacao and a splash of grenadine for that extra sexification. It's one of the prettiest rum shots you'll ever see.