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Candy Cocktails
Candy Cocktails

It’s time to get freaky with Tipsy Bartender’s iconic candy cocktails! We’ve taken your favorite candies and your favorite drinks and put them all together because that’s what the people want. Whether you’re looking for boozed up gummy bears to stimulating pop rocks and more, we’ve got the recipes you’re looking for. And for even more rhyming, these sweet boozy treats will have you craving more, more, more! So sit down, strap in, and let’s get this party going with some crazy candy cocktail recipes!


Bring on the candy!

Say no more, homeboy! You know it’s some freaky business when there’s actual candy in your candy cocktail recipe. But why not? That’s what we say here at Tipsy Bartender! The sky’s the limit, and that’s pretty high up. Kick off your candy craze with our Kinky Blow Pop. This wild bubble gum infused cocktail combines Kinky Pink Liqueur, pink lemonade, lemon lime soda, and of course our bubble gum vodka. Kinky, right? For a more active candy experience, check out our candy cocktail recipe for The Fishbowl. This jumbo boozy beverage is meant for sharing, but if you have an uncontrollable appetite for aquarium gravel, you’re in luck! The Fishbowl recipe calls for crunchy and delicious Nerds for that real fishbowl feel.


What about candy cocktails that are more candy inspired?

My friend, we have more than just candy infusions up our sleeve! Mixology is an art, and we’ve perfected some delicious and sexified candy cocktails with no candy required! Take our Apple Jolly Rancher for example. This candy-less candy drink mixes up apple whiskey, Sour Apple Pucker, and lemon lime soda. It’s kinda insane how much it tastes like the real deal! If you’re craving more, check out our Pink Starburst Martini recipe. This super fun pink candy martini combines vanilla vodka, watermelon pucker and sweet and sour. Fun, delicious, and who doesn’t want to drink everyone’s favorite Starburst?

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The Candyland cocktail is a swirly, colorful cocktail that'll bring you back to your childhood in the best way possible — with booze.


Sweetheart Martini


Mike and Ike Daiquiri

All of you Mike and Ike candy lovers out there need to check out this Mike and Ike Daiquiri, 'cause it's perfect for you.


White Gummy Bear Shots

Shoot back a fruity vodka shot of gummy bear heaven with our white gummy bear shot recipe!


Laffy Taffy Daiquiri

The Laffy Taffy Daiquiri is seriously one of the best slushy candy cocktails out there.


Cotton Candy Margarita


Nerds Martini

All of you Nerds lovers out there, check out this Nerds Martini 'cause it's sweet, wild, and of course, packed full of Nerds.


Skittles Vodka Smirnoff Ice Bomb


Bubblegum Daiquiri

The Bubble Gum Daiquiri is a pink and lusciously slushy take on the classic daiquiri.


Kinky Blow Pop

The Kinky Blow Pop is one of the most popular pink vodka cocktails out there for a reason — 'cause it looks amazing and tastes incredible.


Swedish Fish Shots


Sour Patch Tequila Shots