Mimosas are a brunch favorite that everyone loves. The easiest of the brunch cocktails boasts two ingredients: champagne and orange juice. Nothing beats our classic combo, and we have plenty of recipes with varying mimosa ingredients for those who are looking for an extraordinary booze experience. Our pomegranate mimosa and champagne sunrise are simple spins on the classic drink. Try out our Sparkling Bee's Knees or French 75 for a mimosa drink a little outside the box. These two pack a little extra punch! We have you covered no matter what you're celebrating, and we love a good party. Small gatherings are fun, but for those who entertain large crowds, the Spiked Mimosa Pitcher or Mimosa Sangria are excellent options. They're easy to make large batches, so you your guests don't have to wait to have some boozy fun. Looking for a more tropical experience? Sit back and brunch on the beach with some Mango or Pineapple bubbles. Our Apple Kale Mimosa is perfect for people who are health-conscious or for those who like to try new and exotic things. Because these two are super foods, maybe it could be the next big health drink!
Where did this iconic brunch favorite come from?
This favorite piece of American brunch tables originated in Europe. Frank Meier, bartender at the Ritz bar in Paris is credited by most published accounts for the creation of this iconic cocktail in 1925. Centuries of branding champagne as a product for the rich and royal finally took off with the emergence of the middle class. While the juice and mixing ingredients can vary for a mimosa, champagne is the heart of the cocktail. It's bubbly, fragrant, and so, so good. Who doesn't like the playful fun it brings to brunch? As always, please drink responsibly because the bubbles accelerate alcohol in your bloodstream!