Jello Shots

Hell yeah, jello shots! These wiggly little solid cocktails are a party favorite for a reason. They pack a punch and are just so much fun to eat! Their compact nature might seem like a limitation, but you'd be surprised at how freaky you can get with these versatile bad boys. So if you see a jello shot recipe that uses a mold but you prefer jello shot cups, go for it! The world is your oyster! And don't worry, friends. If you're not experienced in the world of sexified boozy wiggles, Tipsy Bartender will show you how to make jello shots.  
Help! I've never made them before!
Have no fear! Our jello shots are much easier to make than they look. But if it makes you feel better, we have some tips. First, let your liquid jello mixture cool before adding your liquor of choice. This is so you don't burn off any of the alcohol. If you're making layered jello shot cups, let each layer rest and solidify before adding the next. But the best thing to remember is: Don't panic. Because each of our recipes walk you through how to make jello shots, so you can't mess them up.  
Okay, I think I've got this. Where do I start?
Let's start with our Kamikaze Jello Shot recipe. These bad boys use only four delicious yet easy ingredients: lime jello, hot water, vodka, and triple sec. They're super delicious and are probably one of the easiest, best tasting jello shot recipes you'll find. But let's take the training wheels off. For some extra potent jello shots that'll really get your party bumping, try making our AMF Jello Shot recipe. These solid mini Adios cocktails pack the same punch as its liquid counterpart because they use the same ingredients! Plus a jello packet, of course. But if you're feeling really freaky, check out some of our creamy pudding shots!