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All Tequila Drinks & Recipes
All Tequila Drinks & Recipes

From dancing on bar tops to making your clothes fall off, you know what they say about tequila. It’s the ultimate party drink! Tipsy Bartender’s got recipes for all your tequila cocktail needs. Start your tequila drink fest off with a Classic Margarita. You can’t beat this three ingredient go-to. Combine tequila, cointreau, and fresh lime juice to make this classic bad boy, and you’ve got a great, sexified tequila cocktail to kick back and vibe with. If you’re looking for something with a little more sex appeal, check out our recipe for the Devil’s Kiss. This delicious and dangerous cocktail packs some heat with actual slices of chilis, which makes it a damn good tequila drink to spice up your life.


Hold on. Aren’t there like, a bunch of different types of tequila?

Why, yes! There are! To take into consideration for your tequila drinks, you’ve got your silver or blanco tequilas, the purest form with little to no aging and no added grain alcohols or caramel color. What we know as gold, joven, or oro tequila has those added colors and grain alcohols. However, some high-end gold tequilas can be silver and reposado blends. Reposado or “rested” tequila has a minimum aging requirement of two months and a maximum of a year. Añejo or “aged” tequila has a minimum aging requirement of one year and a maximum of three years in smaller oak barrel batches. Extra añejo or “extra aged” is a relatively new category of tequila with a minimum aging of three years.

Now that I’ve been educated on tequila types, does it matter which one I use in my drinks?

Like with most alcohol, the aging process deepens flavors and brings out aromas, but this is Tipsy Bartender. You can use whatever you want in your tequila drinks!

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Tequila Sunrise

We all love a great sunrise drink. Peep the OG tequila sunrise recipe with tequila, grenadine, and OJ.


Classic Margarita

Learn how to make a classic margarita cocktail. Feel normal for once with your tequila, lime and salt.



The Beerita is basically a Modelo Tall Boy with tequila added, plus salt and lime around the rim of the can.


Tequila Sangria


Agave Kiss

The Agave Kiss cocktail is a sweet and creamy delight for your senses.


Bloody Maria

The Bloody Maria is a take on the Bloody Mary that ups the spice factor and takes things to the next level in the booze department.


Turbo Corona


An Evening in Mexico


Devil’s Kiss


Juan Collins

The Juan Collins is one of those twists on the Classic Tom Collins that all of you bartenders out there should know about.



Bust out with this Mangoneada cocktail if you're looking for a really fresh and delicious tequila mixed drink.


Carrot Top

This Carrot Top cocktail is another one of our master mixology drinks you have to check out.