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Slushes & Blended Drinks
Slushes & Blended Drinks

It’s time to unleash your inner freak with blended drinks! Because who doesn’t like a great blended cocktail? They’re like what shrimp is to Bubba Blue. Anyway, like we were sayin’, you can make blended margaritas, blended daiquiris, wine slushies, etc. The sky is the limit because anything can be blended! And Tipsy Bartender has the best blended drink recipes and frozen drinks to help you get your freak on.


Hit me with that brain freeze!

You don’t have to tell us twice, homeboy! If you really want to freeze your brain, you gotta try our Frozen Adios Motherf*cker recipe. This boozy bad boy will knock you on your ass, but you can use the rest of it as a cold compress. Just blend up ice, vodka, rum, gin, tequila, blue curacao, sweet & sour mix, and lemon-lime soda for this powerful blended cocktail. But if that’s a little too much for you, check out our recipe for our Slushy Tequila Sunrise. This super simple 3 ingredient blended drink recipe blends up frozen orange juice cubes and tequila. But don’t forget to sexify your glass with grenadine before pouring in your boozy blend.

Help! I’ve never had blended drinks! What are some fun blended cocktails?

You what?? Have no fear because Tipsy Bartender is here with sexy blended cocktail suggestions! You already know about blended margaritas and daiquiris, but why not jazz things up a bit? Check out a blended margarita twist with our Frozen Beergarita recipe. This delicious blended drink is also a simple and easy cocktail recipe. Just blend up tequila, margarita mix, beer, and ice. It’s the best blended drink recipe for sporting events or backyard barbecuing. Speaking of backyard BBQs, if you’re looking to cool off a crowd, whip up a batch of our Lake Day Punch. This vodka Kool-aid jungle juice will be a hit for any gathering.




Wine Slush


Frozen Fishbowl

People, you need to check out this Frozen Fishbowl drink 'cause this chilled rum cocktail is a beast.


Slushy Tequila Sunrise


Dirty Rum & Coke Slush


Lake Day Punch



People looking for a wild slushy cocktail have to check out this Frozé cocktail.


Frozen Adios Motherfucker


Midori Sour Slush


Jagerbomb Slush


Frozen Mini Margarita Slushies

These Frozen Mini Margarita Slushies are some wildly tasty tequila shooters.


Frozen Ramos Gin Fizz

Here's another insanely intricate one-off cocktail from an expert mixologist.